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Why to become a Partner?

Dr. Louis Hilliard designed the Hyperbaric Partnership Program to help chiropractors and other health care physicians have a dramatic and lasting impact in their communities and on national health. The program provides coaching and training in improved patient care and allows you to take part in mHBOT research on PTSD being conducted in cooperation with the Veterans Administration. We believe that by working together to better understand the benefits of mHBOT and incorporate them in our practices, we can significantly improve our nation’s health-and health care.

Scientific studies

Get a chance to post and review scientific studies

When you become a partner you get the benefit of posting and reviewing other scientific studies posted by doctors from all around the world, to compare and learn about all different practices and experimental therapies

Join our growing partner comunity

With our partnership program you will be able to join the growing partner community and enjoy the benefits we mention below and begin your own hyperbaric business!

Enjoy every single benefit we offer

What can you get when you become a Partner?

Get educational material

Don’t miss the chance to get our latest material on hyperbaric treatment, it’s uses, the scientific basis of HBOT, how to operate a hyperbaric chamber and more

Scientific studies

What exactly is HBOT? What are the benefits? How can your customers and bussiness benefit from a HBOT session? Find about this and more

All the benefits of the partnership program

Start making money

Becoming a partner will allow you to adapt a proven, successful business model and thrive side by side with your patients, including special deals and discounts

Join our referred network

Get a chance to participate in our forums and submit a patient’s profile to be reviewed by Atlanta’s top universities and compare other studies made by other doctors

Doctor Louis Hilliard

''My purpose in life is to save people's lives''

While spreading the word about the benefits of HBOT, Doctor Hilliard has helped many people become successful businesspersons in the HBOT industry.