To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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Why Take a Hyperbaric Safety Training Course?

safety first

Why take a hyperbaric training course?  You just made a valuable purchase the most important next step is to take a hyperbaric training course.  You safety and chamber success will depend on how well you know how to operate safety you new chamber.

Hello my name is Dr. Louis Hilliard and I am the owner of Atlanta Hyperbaric Center and  I have been helping people like you for years in my clinic, selling chambers and training clients on the safety of mild hyperbaric.  In this article it is my intention is to help you see the value in taking a hyperbaric training course.  We have to keep in mind this is not a toy and is a Class II medical device that is can be dangerous if not used properly.  So training and safety is everything.  Before you learned how to drive, you did not just buy a new can, jump in and drive.  You needed to learn fist.  That is what hyperbaric training course is all about.  To give you the tools to successfully understand and operate you hyperbaric chamber.  

 10 reason why you need to take a hyperbaric training course.

  1. Safety: Safety of you, your loved one’s and other has to be most important reason for faking the hyperbaric training course.  The health and safety of others must be primary.    
  2. Lean proper Operating techniques: Learn how to operate the chamber under normal and abnormal conditions.  This will improve the life of your chamber, and your success.  
  3. Differences of Hyperbaric Chambers: Knowing the different types of chambers and their approved uses is important to know so that you are not confused. 
  4. Clinical Procedures: If you are seeing patients you have a responsibility to do a through examination and follow clinical guidelines, documentation and examinations procedures.  
  5. Contraindications:  It is important to now what are contraindications before entering a hyperbaric chamber.  
  6. Do’s and Don’ts: Knowing these will improve the life of the chamber, keep occupants safe for years to come. 
  7. Improve Success:  What ever the reason you bought a chamber this training is sure to improve the success.  How much you know, how you use, and take care of it will influence you success.  :  
  8. Great Staff Training: Keep your staff up to date and trained.  This training course is perfect for mild HBOT technicians, clinical assistants.  
  9. Online Training:  The training in online at  All you need to do is log in and take at your own pace.  
  10. Free:  All of my customers the buy a chamber from Atlanta Hyperbaric Center get free training with their purchase.  
What you will get with the training course. 
  1. 10 compressive chapters
  2. Great Illustrations
  3. Up to date topics
  4. Demonstration Videos 
  5. Manufacture Manuels and Videos
  6. Quizzes And Final Exam
  7. Certificate of Completion

Topics Covered in the course

  1. History
  2. Types of Chambers
  3. Side effects & Contraindications
  4. Office Procedures
  5. Safety Procedures
  6. Service, maintenance and Up Keep
  7. Marketing
  8. Approve uses
  9. State & Federal Laws
  10. Manufacture Manuels and Videos

I hope you enjoyed this article and see the value in taking the hyperbaric safety training course. It is an investment that is well worth your time. Hyperbaric chambers are not toys.  It needs to be respected, learned and used properly.  If you own a chamber or see patient it is your responsibility to know and understand the basic protocols to insure a safe and effective hyperbaric session.  Anything less you my be putting someone health in danger.  Take the course learn and serve.


My name is Dr. Louis Hilliard and if you are interested in learning more please go to my website or give me a call at 770-948-4511 or leave a comment below.  I am always happy to answer any questions and do my best to answer them all.  If you feel this article was helpful please like and share.   

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Doctor Lou

Hello, my name is Dr. Louis Hilliard and I am the owned of Atlanta Hyperbaric Center and Georgia Licensed Chiropractor. I opened one of the first private hyperbaric centers in 2006 and I have been helped thousands of people with their hyperbaric needs.

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