What Is A Hyperbaric Chamber?

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What Is A Hyperbaric Chamber?

The hyperbaric chamber originated in the year 1662. Hensaw who was a British physician built the original one. Over time, the equipment has become more accepted as a treatment for many physical conditions.  It has provided benefits to many people from all walks of life. It can manage all kinds of respiratory diseases. So, what is a hyperbaric chamber? Why is it important to you in general? Well, this article examines all the vital details. Read on, to get the juicy in-depth information.

What is a Hyperbaric Chamber?

A hyperbaric chamber is a tube that is full of 100% oxygen. The chamber acts as a medium of concentrated oxygen. The tube has ambient pressure that works effectively with oxygen. When you breathe the air, your whole body rejuvenizes. It’s like you’ve been born all over again.  The equipment treats many chronic diseases. Oxygen is vital to all the body organs. The hyperbaric chamber is used as a natural therapy. This means that there are no undesirable effects. It works by suppressing the bacteria. This way, the body stimulates stem cells and growth factors. It brings about the healing of the whole system.  Hyperbaric chambers come in an array of colors. They also have different sizes to suit your preferences.

Why do you need Hyperbaric Therapy?

Also known as HBOT, it is important for the restoration of body health. For this reason, sufficient oxygen is of the essence. If you are a scuba diver, you need it the most. Chances are high that you suffer from decompression sickness. Its root cause is dissolved gases from the ocean. It can lead to excruciating pain. To avert this, you need adequate oxygen.  Additionally, people suffering from diabetes can reap benefits from the therapy. They are susceptible to wounds and sores. On that account, oxygen is great at healing them. When they take in the ample oxygen, new tissue grows. In short, oxygen has healing properties. It reduces the possibilities of foot amputation.  Oxygen therapy boosts blood circulation. Owing to that, people who have mental illnesses get cured. Medical treatment improves nerve functioning.

Within eight weeks of proper hyperbaric oxygen, patients coordinate tasks. Their daily lives improve significantly. It restores the brain to function productively.   If you have gas poisoning, you can resort to the remedy. For instance, carbon monoxide and other toxic gases. Air bubbles in your arteries are harmful to your health. Oxygen at almost 100% combined with pressure is the solution. It will drive out the unwanted gases and bubbles. The treatment will also heal your lung tissues. Your breathing will normalize as well.

The hyperbaric chamber is also designed to improve skin conditions. It could result from radiation injury or skin flap. It works by generating new cells. Slowly, the skin is able to get back its life. Therapy is also ideal for all skin infections. Oxygen boosts the immune system which fights infections. It is perfect for bone infections too.  The chamber also heals injuries related to the spine.

If you are an athlete it will be of advantage. Do you have knee and arm injuries? You can recover faster inside the hyperbaric chamber. Better still, you can be able to breathe well.   Clients who have anemia get full relief. This is because hyperbaric therapy supplies the body with abundant oxygen. In turn, red blood cells increase in the body. Consequently, hemoglobin levels spike up. Enough blood is then generated by the cells.


Accordingly, the hyperbaric chamber is necessary. It heals many skin ailments regardless of the cause. It is also essential for the brain to work excellently. Your lungs can harbor dangerous gases. You, therefore, need the remedy to have a healthy respiration system. The chamber works differently as per your condition. For some people, it might take longer than others. All in all, you will get a total body healing. For more information, contact Atlanta Hyperbaric Center.

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