To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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What Is a Cryotherapy Machine and Why Do I Need One?

what is a cryotherapy machine

Cryotherapy machines are transforming the medical field and now can be used in your own home. Without an appointment, travel, or additional costs, you can use a cryotherapy machine for various forms of healing and preventive practice.

Curious to learn how?

This article will explore the question of what is a cryotherapy machine and more importantly why you need one. This machine may look like it’s from the future, but it can be yours today!

So let’s step in and see!

What Is a Cryotherapy Machine?

Cryotherapy, essentially meaning cold therapy, describes the use of very cold (even freezing) temperatures for several minutes.

Cryotherapy can be administered locally, like applying an ice pack to an affected area, or can be applied to the whole body. This is often referring to as whole body cryotherapy (WBC).

A cryotherapy machine, also known as a cryotherapy chamber, is the most effective way to introduce cryotherapy to the entire body at one time.

The machine resembles a large refrigerator that you can walk into. Your body is covered 360 degrees around and your head remains outside of the chamber.

The temperature inside the machine is controlled by a monitor that you can use to set your ideal temperature. The temperature is achieved using very cold air.

What Are the Parts of a Cryotherapy Machine?

There are different types of cryotherapy machines that are made up of different parts. There are also usually some optional features of the machine.

The largest part of the machine is called the chamber, which is where you stand. There are a few standard size options for the chamber based on your body size and the space where you plan to put it. 

Each cryotherapy machine has a temperature sensor. The display of the temperature may vary but is usually placed somewhere easily visible to the user. There are also a number of safety features such as an emergency stop button.

Certain machines will come with optional features upon purchase. For example, a user tablet to control features may be added to the side of the chamber. A user could also have a small step installed so that it is easier to get in and out of the chamber. 

What Temperature and for How Long?

What should the temperature be set at, and for how long? No, we’re not talking about your Thanksgiving turkey, but the same rules apply. The outcome of the cryotherapy is highly dependent on using optimal temperatures and timing.

Because cryotherapy is a relatively new therapy technique there is some competing research on the exact time and temperature for best results, but here are some general guidelines from reliable research.

Cryotherapy sessions usually have the temperature at about -110 degrees Celcius to -140 degrees Celcius for about two minutes. Some techniques suggest 30 seconds at about -65 degrees Celcius followed by two minutes at an even lower temperature, around -153 degrees Celcius. 

If you are using a cryotherapy machine at home consider taking a safety course first to make sure you are using the correct temperature and time for safe and effective use of the machine. It is critical that you can use the machine safely in order to experience the benefits.

How Does a Cryotherapy Machine Work?

Cryotherapy uses very cold temperatures to affect several body systems at once. When you introduce your body to the extreme cold, a signal will be sent to the brain registering that the skin and the internal body temperature is dropping.

Once that signal is sent, the body responds by rushing blood to your core to protect your organs. Then, as you are stepping out of the cryotherapy machine, there is increased blood flow to those same vital organs, initiating a healing process.

This is a simplistic explanation of the way cryotherapy affects your body. But generally speaking, the cold temperatures initiate different physiological responses in your body that can have an effect on recovery and healing.

What is the Difference Between Hyperbaric and Cryotherapy Machines?

Hyperbaric chambers deliver hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). Similar to cryotherapy, the therapy is delivered in a chamber. However, the conditions are different.

Cryotherapy manipulates the temperature in your environment while a hyperbaric chamber manipulates the amount of oxygen.

A person will lay in the hyperbaric chamber as the pressure inside the chamber increases. The treatment can last up to two hours, which is much longer than cryotherapy sessions. 

The hyperbaric chamber provides oxygen to the body in a more controlled way than we experience when we are breathing in a normal environment. Therefore, oxygen is disseminated throughout the body.

Both forms of therapy usually involve several sessions and the chambers are either located in an office or can be purchased at home

Why Do I Need a Cryotherapy Machine?

There are a number of benefits to regular use of a cryotherapy machine. While you can visit a professional location to receive cryotherapy, this approach is expensive and less convenient than purchasing your own machine.

Purchasing a Cryotherapy Machine 

Now that you can answer the questions, what is a cryotherapy machine and what are the benefits to purchasing one, you are ready to start shopping for your very own cryotherapy machine!

Consider the features that are most important to you before you make your purchase.

Take some time to compare the options and think about price and space. If you have your own machine you can experience benefits of consistent use. 

Ready to buy? Buy a cryogenic machine today!

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