Veterans & First Responders

veterans & first responders

Military and First Responders we salute you for your sacrifice and service.  For your bravery, courage and service we are offering you a discounted rate on all of our hyperbaric chamber and equipment.   

You still get the same great quality for much less.

*Must have proof of service!*

  • Military ID
  • DD 214
  • Current First Responders ID (Police, Fire, EMT)

Who Qualifies?

  • Military, Police and Fire Personal
  • Immediate Family (Child, Husband, Wife)
  • Grandparents
  • Grandchildren

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is a mental condition that develops after a person experiences or witnesses a traumatic or terrifying event (war, accident, rape, act of terrorism or other threatening situations in life).  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for PTSD is an option for treatment that will help those that suffer from PTSD. 


To our brave young men and women that serve our country we salute you!  At Atlanta Hyperbaric Center we believe in taking care of those that care for us.  It is because of you that we have our freedoms.  You have put in the time, you did your service, you sacrificed some while others sacrificed all.  For that we are grateful and thankful for you!  PDSD is affecting more and more veterans everyday. There is no need to live with the pain.  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy had been shown to help soldiers coming home.  You must have Military ID or DD 214. 


The men and woman in blue we solute you.  You keep us safe at night and during the day.  We all appreciate you in every way.  Because you receive so little and give so much  we want to give back to you.  PTSD is becoming more and more prominent in police forces.  We can not forget that fact at time they to are in a war zone experiencing traumatic events.  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has shown to improve and help PTSD.  So give us a call. Must show Profesional ID 


The men and women of empathy, courage and bravery here’s to you for walking into the flame of hell and coming back with our loved ones, family members and pets.   You have saved so many but barely hear the praise.  At Atlanta Hyperbaric Center we praise and salute you for your courage and life saving service.   Research show that firemen are under extreme stress and fatigue combined that with breathing in canistered air and toxic fumes.  It can have devastating consequences on overall health.  Hyperbaric restores the oxygen levels within the body, help it to heal and function better.

Hyperbaric Chamber PTSD Treatment

Since 2012,  Dr. Louis Hilliard have been raising attention to Veterans the importance of HBOT and Oxygen for the possible treatment for PTSD. In HBOT, the patient is put in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, which saturates the tissues with twelve times more oxygen than can be absorbed by breathing. This greatly enhances the body’s own healing and functioning processes. Hyperbaric Shows Promising Result With Low-Pressure Hyperbaric      United States Government