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Used Hyperbaric Chambers for Sale

Used Hyperbaric Chambers for Sale

Used Hyperbaric Chambers for Sale

Used Hyperbaric Chambers for Sale can make owning your own hyperbaric chamber affordable. At Atlanta Hyperbaric Center, we have a supply of Used Hyperbaric Chambers for sale. Check out our page for Used Chambers.

You wouldn’t want to be inconvenienced by daily trips to a clinical facility or your doctor’s office to have your Hyperbaric Therapy sessions. These daily sessions can cost you tens of thousands of dollars yet you still won’t have anything to show for it. Investing in a portable hyperbaric oxygen chamber could just be the best decision you’ve ever made. With a hyperbaric chamber in your home, you’re at liberty to fit your treatment sessions into your busy schedule. It becomes easier and more convenient to plan for your treatments at times of the day that are best for yourself and your family.

The next important thing to do after you’ve decided a personal hyperbaric oxygen chamber is the best solution is deciding which chamber to purchase. Remember, you can always list your hyperbaric chamber for sale for close to what you paid for, once you’ve completed your sessions. You can find chambers for every budget in the market. Here’s what you need to look for when purchasing a personal hyperbaric chamber for home use.

Hard Hyperbaric Chambers vs. Soft Hyperbaric Chambers

Also known as mild hyperbaric chambers (mHBOT), soft-side hyperbaric chambers are preferred for their ease of use, compact size and portability. The air inside a soft hyperbaric chamber is usually somewhere between 1.3 and 1.5 atmosphere absolute (ATA). They are purchased and preferred most often by individuals.

On the other hand, in hard hyperbaric chambers, the pressure inside the chamber can increase up to 6.0 atmospheres absolute (ATA). In a clinical setting, you’ll find hard chambers connected to an oxygen tank usually outside the building. They are made of steel and found in a hospital environment.

Chamber Design: Vertical or Horizontal?

It’s important that you determine your individual requirements before choosing a hyperbaric chamber. Whether to choose an upright design or a horizontal design is solely dependent on your preference. If you can’t handle or rather keep up with laying down in an enclosed chamber, a vertical hyperbaric chamber could be your best fit. A vertical hyperbaric chamber will allow you to sit upright while playing an active role in the hyperbaric experience.

Can the Chamber Accommodate Larger Adults?

The soft hyperbaric chamber is the best option if you’re looking for an easy to use, portable chamber. However, you must consider whether or not the chamber can accommodate larger adults. Hyperbaric Chambers come in a variety of internal diameters. Be sure to buy a chamber that suits your comfort preferences.

In Conclusion, it’s important that you consider the chamber’s length, circumference, and internal diameter when purchasing a home hyperbaric chamber. You might also want to purchase an oxygen concentrator in conjunction with your chamber as it increases the rate at which oxygen is absorbed into the bloodstream.

Understand that the process of choosing the right hyperbaric oxygen chamber requires time and research. You may also need a helping hand. Your journey into Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy doesn’t have to be complicated. We’re here to make it as simple and empowering as possible. Let us help you purchase a hyperbaric chamber that best meets your requirements!

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