To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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The Most Affordable Hyperbaric Chambers for Sale

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The Most Affordable Hyperbaric Chambers for Sale

Atlanta Hyperbaric Center offers both the 27” Portable and the 26” Shallow Dive Hyperbaric Chambers for sale.   We offer financing and a two-year warranties.  In selling hyperbaric chambers for a few years now I will offer my insight  and 15-year clinical service to help you get the best mild hyperbaric chamber in the market.

It is first important to know the FDA’s list of approved conditions, know the difference in hyperbaric chamber and what are the prerequisites to purchasing a mild chamber for home.   You will need to consult your primary care physician or treating doctor to get a prescription.

27” Portable Hyperbaric Chamber

As with all Newtowne Mild hyperbaric chambers, the 27” Portable Hyperbaric Chamber strikes a perfect balance between user-friendliness, quality treatment, and safety of the user. Despite these benefits, 27” Portable Hyperbaric Chamber cost only $3,690 at Atlanta Hyperbaric Center which is exceptionally affordable for a hyperbaric chamber of this quality. The perfect balance between user-friendliness and safety along with its size makes the 27-inch Portable Hyperbaric Chamber perfect for both personal and professional use.

The 27” Portable Hyperbaric Chamber is manufactured by using advanced materials and next-generation design making it the safest and most user-friendly of all mild hyperbaric chambers in the market. The safety of the user is enhanced by 46oz. heavy-duty, double laminated ballistic grade nylon material to ensure that it is not only strong but also very light for easy portability making it user-friendly. Also, it features a new pressure-activated face-to-face Omni-environment barrier for maximum safety. The chamber has four large viewports to minimize cases of claustrophobia and enhance experience. Quick service and shipping offered Atlanta Hyperbaric Center ensure that you will get your within the next 7 to 14 days if you place your order now.

The features of the 27” Portable Hyperbaric Chamber include two 4 psi preset automatic pressure relief valves made of metal to ensure the highest level of safety. Apart from redundant pressure valves, the chamber has three security zippers, welded bulkheads and construction (instead of glues or fumes) and exclusive port pressure covers for maximum strength, security, and safety for the user. The safety of users of this Mild hyperbaric chamber by is enhanced further by anti-roll foam stabilizers to ensure the chamber is stable during hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT).

26” Shallow Dive Hyperbaric Chamber

Atlanta Hyperbaric Center also offers 26” Shallow Dive Hyperbaric Chamber at an exceptionally affordable price of $3995 even though it provides a quality home hyperbaric oxygen treatment solution. At 7 feet in length and 26-inch diameter, it is the smallest and most affordable chamber in the market. The small size, along with the quality of treatment it provides, makes Shallow Dive hyperbaric oxygen chamber perfect for home use. When you buy this chamber, you won’t have to worry about energy consumption because its energy-efficient design allows the chamber to use only 250 watts of power providing 4 psi (1.3 ATA). The 26” Shallow Dive sold by Atlanta Hyperbaric Center is brand new and manufactured by the world’s leading portable hyperbaric chamber manufacturer.

The diameter and length of this hyperbaric chamber along with bright interior provide ample space and a conducive environment for a comfortable hyperbaric experience for one adult or a child. The chamber is also fitted with two super quiet compressors to cancel out the noise during hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT) to enhance the comfort and experience of the user even further. The chamber is inflated with ambient air by the two compressors with an oxygen concentrator which adds supplemental oxygen to deliver around 96% O2.

The Most Affordable Hyperbaric The Most Affordable Hyperbaric Chambers for Sale

At Atlanta Hyperbaric Center, we understand that all these features and benefits would not be important without providing the highest level of safety to the user. This is why the 26” Shallow Dive hyperbaric chamber that we sell is fitted with one inflation valve and one auxiliary valve making it a total of two valves. This implies that the chamber uses an open valve system which is important in ensuring the inflow of fresh air and outflow of CO2 does not stop in case of a power outage. The Summit to Sea Shallow Dive hyperbaric chambers have a double-sided full-length zipper for easy entry and exit and allows internal and external operation. This means users can operate from either the outside or the inside of the chamber, which makes this chamber easy to use and perfect for self-treatments. User-friendliness is emphasized by the ability to pressurize and depressurize the chamber by the touch of a button. We offer free accessories with each 26” Shallow Dive hyperbaric chamber purchase and we will ship your chamber to you for free within the US.

If you’re looking for the most Affordable Hyperbaric Chamber for sale? You can place your order by visiting or call 770-948-511 to speak to one of our staff or Dr. Louis Hilliard. You can get in touch with Dr. Hilliard via email; [email protected] or visit our offices located: Powder Springs, GA 30127, United States.

Portable Hyperbaric Chambers

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