To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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Summit To Sea Hyperbaric Chambers


Summit To Sea Hyperbaric Chambers

Doctor Louis Hilliard

The thought of owning a Hyperbaric chamber seem out of reach and tremendously expensive.  Until now. Summit To Sea is a leading manufacture of mild hyperbaric chambers. Summit to sea has changed that deliver a level of quality along with an innovative approach that puts these in the hands of chamber at the most reasonable price for the first time in history Summit To Sea has made this dream a reality.  

Summit to sea hyperbarics has raised the bar in mild hyperbaric chamber construction and performance.  With over 35 years of hyperbaric experience with hyperbaric chambers. Their partner are no newcomers in the exciting new field.  

Summit to sea started in 2007 partnering with companies throughout the world combining over 35 year of experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of hyperbaric chambers.  They brought a line of innovations that has totally changed the mild hyperbaric market. With all that experience STS has been able to perfect the mild hyperbaric chamber and do so at affordable prices.  

Instead of doing designs themselves they went to the customer and ask them what they wanted.  We took their ideas, and at times go on site to see their specific need and how they are using the chamber.  STS listens to their customer to hear how they can make it better, to perfect it.

Summit To Sea Hyperbaric Chambers

Their chambers are brighter, have safety belts, they are silent and ergonomically easier to get in and out of , easy to use and cool and comfortable.  

STS chamber are one of the most affordable chambers on the market.  How are they able to make such an affordable chamber? They do no deceptive marketing, no trade shows.  All of their business comes from customer referrals and qualified resellers. 

STS offer several types of chambers and styles.  The first is the most common lay down (horizontal) models that are 7 foot long and measured by the diameter for size.  They are.. 

26” Shallow dive, 

33” Dive

33” Military Dive

40” Grand Dive

60” Grand Dive Pro

One of a kind, Up-wright chambers “Verticals” the all reach the same specifications and reach the height of 5 feet.  

40” Vertical Dive

60” Vertical Grand Dive

60” Vertical Grand Dive Wheelchair Accessible

There chamber are built to fit every budget and every need. All the chambers reach the same specifications.  So matter the size you are still getting the same therapeutic effect.

They offer a military discount to veterans, soldiers, and their immediate family a significant discount.  In appreciation for their sacrifice and commitment to our country. We all solute and thank you. 

The best thing about Summit To Sea hyperbaric chamber is not just their chamber but their customer support.  I know this first hand as a customer when my chamber needed repair. STS was able to fist send me a chamber and then I send my in for repair.   With in a week I got my chamber back. I never lost one visit of business. Thats what matters the most and I became a reseller for them. So now being a reseller we are both committed to offering our customer the best customer support 24 hrs. A day 7 days a week. 

Raising the bar in so many way Summit To Sea has established itself as one of  the leading manufacturers in the world.  

If you are interested in a Summit To Sea hyperbaric chamber or you just have questions that need to be answered. Give me a call at 770-948-4511.  My team and I are committed to offering you excellent customer service, amazing equipment, and on going support.

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Doctor Lou

Hello, my name is Dr. Louis Hilliard and I am the owned of Atlanta Hyperbaric Center and Georgia Licensed Chiropractor. I opened one of the first private hyperbaric centers in 2006 and I have been helped thousands of people with their hyperbaric needs.

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