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Start Your Hyperbaric Business

Start Your Hyperbaric Business

Start Your Hyperbaric Business Today!

Are you looking for another therapy to add to your office? then look no further and start your Hyperbaric Business!  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a proven cost effective treatment that works and can instantly change the dynamic of your office.

From struggling chiropractor to millionaire in just 3 years.

Meet Dr. Louis Hilliard – In 2004 Dr. Louis Hilliard graduated from Life University with a doctorate of Chiropractic. Dr. Hilliard loved Atlanta so much that he stayed and in 2005 opened his first family chiropractic practice. Dr. Hilliard has help thousands of patients reach their peak potential through chiropractic care but still was not happy with insurance reimbursements and how they could dictate patient care. He knew he could do more for his patients. In 2007 Dr. Hilliard stopped accepting all insurance plans, started an all cash practice free from the restrictions of insurance companies. This forced him to become creative and while climbing mountains around the world Dr. Hilliard discovered mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Within his personal discovery of all the amazing healing possibilities of hyperbaric with physical performance, he opened one of the first private hyperbaric business in the country, Atlanta Hyperbaric Center (AHC).  AHC & Dr. Hilliard has helped patients around the world to regain their health specializing in caring for people that have tried everything from traditional medicine but are looking for the alternative that makes a difference, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

In just 3 years Dr. Hilliard took his Hyperbaric business of making about $150 thousand a year to running a multimillion dollar business.  Let Dr. Hilliard help you become successful with your own hyperbaric chamber.

Dr. Hilliard donated a hyperbaric chamber to Life University for conducting studies on the validity of HBOT and the effective treatment of neurological diseases in conjunction with chiropractic. Dr. Hilliard is currently the president of the National Association of Mild Hyperbaric. In 2016 he created the first ever mild hyperbaric training program HBOTSAFETY.COM and is currently working on a hyperbaric textbook.

Step 1. Buy A Chamber

Choose the right chamber for you. We sell all brands of hyperbaric chambers. Go to our shop page and see for yourself all the amazing hyperbaric chambers. We have all shapes and models perfect for your budget and space.

Step 2. Get our Training and Coaching

Dr. Hilliard has been helping universities and health care professional start, implement and run successful hyperbaric programs and business. We offer both coaching and online training to assist you to deliver safe, effective hyperbaric care and become successful at the same time.

Step 3. Make A Plan Work A Plan

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, let Dr. Hilliard help you. He has over ten years experience of running a successful hyperbaric clinic. Let him teach you how you can pay your chamber off in just 4 weeks and make lots of cash.You can buy from one of our competitors. But Why?

You get your chamber

Buy From Us You Get Dr. Louis Hilliard Personal Attention For Success.

  • Hyperbaric Chamber – We Guarantee we will beat any price
  • Set Up– Dr. Hilliard will come out personally and set up your chamber (You pay travel)
  • Training– Dr. Hilliard will personally train staff and we offer online training.
  • Office Forms–  We have all the paperwork you need to get started
  • Coaching- Learn office procedures that are proven to work.
  • One on One customer care– Dr. Hilliard will sit one on one with any staff or patient to insure success.