Rent A Hyperbaric Chamber

Rent a Hyperbaric ChamberWhy pay the high cost in going to a hyperbaric center for therapy or buying a hyperbaric chamber when you can rent one for only the time you need.  Let us help you. We are now offering affordable ways to rent a hyperbaric chamber.

We see the need for affordable hyperbaric therapy options for families that are struggling with high medical and therapy costs. Our mission is to provide hyperbaric oxygen therapy to all. This is why Dr. Hilliard and Atlanta Hyperbaric Center are now offering another great option, Hyperbaric Chamber Rental Program.

Atlanta Hyperbaric Chambers for Rent

HBOT Anytime: This program is designed to give you easy affordable access to hyperbaric oxygen therapy for you and your family. You can choose from a number of our hyperbaric chambers so that you can enjoy your therapy in a private, comfortable and relaxing environment, in your own home.   We will come out to your house and set-up and take down the chamber. Let us do all the work while you enjoy the amazing healing powers of mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

The Benefits To Rent A Hyperbaric Chamber

  • Privacy of your own home
  • Save time and Money on travel expenses
  • Use as often as you like
  • Show off to your friends

Save Time and money. This program is designed to save you time and money. How much is your time woRent Hyperbaric Chamberrth? It’s priceless. When you rent a chamber, you can use it as often as you like and for as long as you like. Saving you money and time. No traveling, no fighting with Atlanta traffic, no appointments, and no hidden expenses. So call us if you are interested in the healing powers of HBOT and rent your hyperbaric chamber today.

You Need A Prescription. In order to rent a hyperbaric chambers you must have a prescription or recommendation from doctor and pass the Hyperbaric Training Program.

Want to Open Your Own Hyperbaric Center?   We now offer Chiropractors, Medical Doctors and Health Clinics the opportunity to have a hyperbaric chamber in their office.   We will come install the chamber, provide training and coaching and do all the advertising for you for a affordable monthly fee. (Different rates apply)

Hyperbaric Chamber Rental Fees

  • 21”-24” Hyperbaric Chambers $799

  • 27”-31” Hyperbaric Chamber $999

  • 37”-40” Hyperbaric Chamber $1399

  • Vertical-Hyperbaric Chamber $1499

Atlanta Hyperbaric Chambers for Rent