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Sell Your Hyperbaric Chamber

Sell Your Hyperbaric Chamber

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(770) 948-4511

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Sell Your Hyperbaric Chamber

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New and used hyperbaric chambers. Ask about our hyperbaric chamber lease and consignment programs!

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Sell Your Hyperbaric Chamber

Need to sell your hyperbaric chamber? Let Us sell Your Hyperbaric Chamber For You!

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[accordion-item title="Hyperbaric Consignment Program"]

Do you have a hyperbaric chamber you would like to sell? Let Dr. Lou, help you and make some extra cash too. Our Hyperbaric Consignment Program specializes in helping people sell their used hyperbaric chamber and oxygen concentrator quick and easy. We do all the work for you, from our 21 point inspection, reconditioning, to negotiating and shipping of your chamber. All we charge is a small fee based on the transaction. No money ever comes out of your pocket.

Everyone of course wants to get the most for their hyperbaric chamber and sell it fast. Which is not always the case. There are many factors that play when you trying to sell a used hyperbaric chamber.

  • Motivation of buyer or seller
  • Price point
  • Warranty?
  • Age and Use of chamber
  • Overall Appearance

The last thing that we want is to have a collection of hyperbaric chambers build up in our showroom so we will work with you and potential customers to get the best deal.

Don’t get yourself in trouble: Most people don’t know but your hyperbaric chamber is a medical equipment and requires a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) license to sell. We are fully certified and insured giving you confidence.

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[accordion-item title="How much is your chamber worth?"]

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Make Money and Save Money

Speak to our hyperbaric specialist and let them help you determine the worth. Our team and Dr. Hilliard have over 25 years experience we can help you determine a realistic price point to sell your chamber quick and easy.


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Sell Your Chamber Fast.

Let our marketing team experts, work for you.   We have multiple selling platforms and a large social media following to sell your chamber anywhere around the world. All advertising, and promotions of your chamber is a free service to you. We have people call us every day looking to buy hyperbaric chambers. The next one could be yours.


[accordion-item title="Free Warranty"]

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All hyperbaric chambers that come to us are carefully inspected and tested. We do a 21-point inspection on the chambers zipper, welds, windows, valves and much more to make sure your chamber is functioning correctly and safely. If your chamber passes our inspection we will offer a FREE six-month WARRANTY! This will help improve the sale of your hyperbaric chamber.


[accordion-item title="6 Easy steps to start selling your chamber today"]

  1. Call Us 770-948-4511
  2. Discuss your options
  3. Download, fill-out and return Hyperbaric Consignment Form
  4. Clean Your Chamber
  5. Send your chamber to us
  6. We sell your chamber
  7. You will receive a check in the mail

Hyperbaric Chamber Preparation

  • Before shipping it is imperative that you run your chamber for the last time and send pictures of it pressurized.
  • Clean and disinfect hyperbaric chamber thoroughly.
  • Check and note all parts:  Missing or present.

If chamber is sent in non working condition and needs repair you will surrender ownership of the chamber

Chamber Consignment Packing & Shipping Info

We encourage you to use original boxes & packages. If you do not have these, here are packing instructions.

The size of the box should be an inch larger than the diameter of the chamber plus 36” deep.

Example: 26” chamber — 27”x 27 ”x 36” box

Packing the box

Place frame round pieces inside the box, take the mat and place it in the middle on the floor of the box:

  • Take the air compressor; unscrew the canister from the compressor.
  • Wrap pumps with bubble wrap (DO NOT USE FOAM POPCORN)
  • Place foam bolster on inside around the pump.
  • Place chamber on top.
  • Place hoses in the corners of the box.
  • Any other materials such as contract, etc. place in an envelope and place inside the box containing the chamber.

Packing the oxygen concentrator

Wrap the oxygen concentrator in bubble wrap:

  • Pack oxygen concentrator in a box with foam flooring.
  • Place Styrofoam or airbladder around the sides of the box filling the space (NO FOAM POPCORN)
  • Make sure oxygen concentrator is packed tight to avoid damage during delivery


Call or go online to schedule a pickup:





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[title text="Testimonials"]


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[testimonial image="9147" image_width="121" pos="center" name="Jessica whyte" company="Facebook"]

Atlanta Hyperbaric Center is the best! Dr. Hilliard is not only an expert in his field but also professional, affordable, and committed to providing the best care and customer service around. Highly recommended. Five stars across the board.


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[testimonial image="9149" image_width="121" pos="center" name="Laura Bakker" company="Facebook"]

I came here because I was feeling tired and had absolutely no energy. Dr. Louis was so helpful and actually listened to me. The atmosphere in the office was great. He takes time to answer any question I may have that come up. Such a caring doctor! So glad I found this place. Totally recommend it! Thanks AHC, see you soon!


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[testimonial image="9150" image_width="121" pos="center" name="Ashley Murray" company="Google"]

Wow! What an incredible experience! Dr. Hilliard's treatment left me feeling like a young child. I felt whole and well. The environment in the chamber is soothing and state of the art. I would highly recommend this treatment from Dr. Hilliard for anyone I care about to try at least once. The gift of wellbeing is priceless.



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"My purpose IN LIFE

Is To Save People´s Lives"

Dr. Lou

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4181 Arapaho Dr.
Powder Springs, GA 30127


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[title text="Hours"]

Monday | Wednesday | Friday
9am-12pm & 3pm-7pm

Tuesday | Saturday
By Appointment

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[title text="DISCLAIMER"]

Atlanta Hyperbaric Center mild Hyperbaric Chambers Are a Class II Medical Device and Is Approved By The FDA For Acute Mountain Sickness Only and We Do Not Claim That The Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers Are Intended To Diagnose, Treat, Cure, or Prevent Any Disease.

The FDA does not support HBOT For the treatment of Autism, Stroke, TBI, PTSD, Diabetes or Cancer.