To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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5 Tip in Doing Research For Hyperbaric

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Tips For Doing Research For Hyperbaric

Are you just learning about hyperbaric oxygen therapy but you don’t know where to start?  Hello my name is Dr. Louis Hilliard and I am the owner of Dr. Louis Hilliard Atlanta Hyperbaric Center. I have over 15 years experience in practice.  I have helped hundreds of customers learn and understand the differences in hyperbaric.  I know some this can be very confusing.   In this article I will show you how to get started and what to do when considering HBOT as a form a care.

In doing research on hyperbaric or for when buying a hyperbaric chamber.  It is important for you to know and understand what you are researching. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy HBOT is becoming a broader ever year.  With the introduction of the mild hyperbaric chambers just only 20 year ago. There are now a number of hyperbaric chamber manufacturers, making home hyperbaric chambers (mild hyperbaric chamber) and Medical chamber mono-place and multi-place chambers.  It seem like, just about every week that you hear an amazing story about hyperbaric. With the popularity increasing it more and more people are turning to HBOT for their needs.

With the increase in makes, models and uses. It can be confusing to someone brand new of what they are researching for when considering HBOT as a form of treatment or purchasing one.  At times it is like comparing apples to oranges.  The difference and wide range of parameters of hyperbaric can make it very confusing for someone that is not trained.  From the thousands of hours of  research and owned just about every types of mild chamber in the market.  I have developed the knowledge of knowing what to look for and understand when first diving in to hyperbaric.  In this article I hope to help make this as easy as possible for you to understand.

Know the difference in chambers being used. when do research on the topic of  HBOT or shopping for a chamber it is important to know what chamber is being used.  Is it a medical grade, high pressure chamber or a mild pressure hyperbaric chamber.  The difference in approved uses and construction is night and day.  The only commonality is the naturals laws that take place, that is it.  Medical grad chambers are made of thick acrylic and steel and mild hyperbaric chambers are made of vinyl fabric.

5 Tips Doing Research For Hyperbaric

1. Types Of Hyperbaric  Chambers 

  1. Mild Hyperbaric Chamber: Also know as home hyperbaric chamber. These chamber have transform and are contributed to the rise and  popularity of hyperbaric.  For the first time you can now have a chamber in your home or office.  There is still little research but it is growing everyday as more and more hyperbaric physicians now see the value in mild hyperbaric and track the data.  Pressure 1.3 -1.5 ATA
  2. Monoplace Chamber: One person hyperbaric chamber that uses 100% compressed oxygen.  These chambers are acrylic, are only good for a certain number of uses until they become expired.  These chambers can go to 3.0 ATA. and are approved to treat certain medical conditions.  2.0-3.0 ATA
  3. Multi-place Chamber: These chambers are big and can hold multiple people. They are typically found in hospitals but more independent multi-place hyperbaric businesses are growing every year.  The chamber is filled with air and patients ware oxygen hoods over their heads supplied with 100% oxygen.  2.0-4.0 ATA

2. What is the pressure used?

In doing research on HBOT understand and know the pressures being used.  Do not think you are going to the get the same results from a home chamber mild chamber as with medical chambers you are not.

Mild Hyperbaric Chambers pressure range from 1.3 ATA to 2.0 ATA

Mono-Place Chambers Pressure up to 3.0 ATA

Multi-place Hyperbaric Chamber up to 4.0 ATA

3. Labeled Uses

As a consumer or doing research it is important that you know and understand the difference in hyperbaric chambers but also their approve uses.

  1. 13 Medical Condition Approved 
    • Carbon Dioxide/ blood
    • an air or gas embolism
    • anemia due to severe blood loss
    • skin grafts
    • gangrene
    • some brain/ sinus infections
    • carbon monoxide poisoning
    • burns
    • necrotizing soft tissue
    • osteomyelitis, a bone marrow infection
    • arterial insufficiency, or low blood flow
    • acute traumatic ischemia, which may involve a crush injury, for example
    • a radiation injury, for example, as a result of cancer treatment
  2. Mild Hyperbaric approve uses
    • –  Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS).

4. Off Label uses:

Sind the emergence of mild hyperbaric more and more people are using them and talking about it.  The number of off label used so much that I could send days writing about this very topic.  Even with all its popularity and success story after story.  Approve hyperbaric used is limited until money, studies and more success is documented.  I see the use for mild hyperbaric being approved for some conditions in the future.  If you would like more information you can go to the FDA website.  There is a great article “Don’t Be Misled” and it discusses about the off label uses and the possible dangers.

The FDA states that “Patients may be unaware that the safety and effectiveness of HBOT has not been established for  diseases and conditions.” Here is a list of only a few of “Off Label” conditions.

  • Autism
  • Stroke
  • Alzheimer’s
  • TBI
  • PTSD
  • Fatigue

5. Source of Information: 

With today being the information age, you can find information on  just about anything.  But is the source reliable or is it Fake News?  I would suggest you start with creditable Medical sites (WebMd / Mayo Clinic) or research institutions.  In my articles are researched and referenced if needed. You can count on any thing I publish on my blog or in my books is going to be helpful and the truth.  Also as more and more articles and studies get published the researcher or perspective shoppers can educate themselves on trustworthy content.

If you would like more information please read through my blog and if you think this will help someone please share.  The purpose of this blog is to educate and inform people of the truth of hyperbaric. Check out my Youtube page where I will post videos of products and talking about the latest hyperbaric news and reviews.

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If you are interested in a hyperbaric chamber please feel free to contact our office and my staff and I will be happy to help answer any questions or help you get the perfect hyperbaric chamber for your needs.  Call 770-948-4511.

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