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PTSD Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

PTSD hyperbaric oxygen therapy

In the last few years cases of PTSD have increased among veterans considerably.  There is no proven cure of this debilitating condition and over the years, very much since the condition was recognised as being real numerous techniques have been tried to “cure” or at least control the effects of the condition. Everything from cannabis to ecstasy through to almost science-fiction-like virtual realities have been used to treat the symptoms, some have had some results on some candidates with no result on others.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has been in existence since the birth of mankind, traumatic events and extended exposure to these events will inevitably trigger the symptoms, but PTSD only entered common language in the 1980s when modern day doctors accepted it was a real condition. Today there are a large number of Vets in the US suffering with PTSD with the state of Indiana alone having almost 500,000 suffers. With the growing numbers and their impact on society, techniques to control the effects of PTSD or even cure the condition are continuously being sought, many of them controversial but such is the level of desperation that often extreme measures are considered viable.

One such treatment is Oxygen Therapy.  Oxygen is the lifeblood of the human brain and of life itself and mountain climbers, deep sea divers, test pilots and even passengers on aircraft know how powerful and vital Oxygen is in  saving lives so why can it not be used for medical conditions?

Oxygen Therapy, despite its controversy is getting results, how consistent these are will only depend on time, but the results are proving positive. Oxygen Therapy works through the use of a hyperbaric chamber, the same chamber used for deep sea divers used once ascended to recondition the body and brain to normal atmospheric conditions. In normal breathing in the normal world we breathe 21% oxygen in the hyperbaric chamber the oxygen levels are increased to 100% and then put under pressure.

It is known that oxygen is vital for human healing and with PTSD it is hoped that 100% oxygen under pressure can help the healing of the brain and the mental condition of the brain. The healing of the mental condition was discovered as a side effect from the treatment of amputees and other medical uses for the treatment where it was noted that a positive effect of PTSD occurred in patients.

Oxygen is natural and does no harm and since the side-effects of treatments for other conditions has been noted thinking on PTSD has started to change.  The change is that rather than treating PTSD as a mental illness it should be treated as a medical illness. Much of the evidence from Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment has been and is anecdotal but it is sufficient enough to warrant further studies and use of the treatment specifically for PTSD.

The equipment needed for the treatment is expensive and specialized staff are required to administer the treatment but this will not stop research and the progress being made.  Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment is a still a long way away from being considered a cure but awareness of the treatment does need raising to make it available for as many as possible. So far the results are proving more positive than negative and overtime it is hoped that PTSD can be controlled and managed or even fully cured with the technique that uses nature’s own self-repairing medication aka Oxygen.

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