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Professional Grade Hyperbaric Chamber for Sale

Professional Grade Hyperbaric Chamber

Introducing the 60″ Grand Dive Pro Plus

A Professional grade hyperbaric chamber is used in hospitals, clinics, and wellness centers where the traffic of users is much higher. These chambers must be sturdy to endure the heavy use daily. Commercial chambers are manufactured to provide maximum comfort to patients and operators. They are customized to customer specifications and quickly adapt to the number of patients.

Professional hyperbaric chambers range in sizes depending on the needs of the clinic. For instance, small clinics can opt to have several monoplace portable chambers while a busy institution will need multiple hard-shelled chambers to cater to its needs.

Commercial chambers usually take less time to start each session, especially if you do not want to wait so long for slower startup times. In a clinical setting, when several patients are waiting to use the chamber, faster startup times, and chambers that are easier to clean are always preferred.

The 60″ Grand Dive Pro Plus is a Professional Grade Hyperbaric Chamber that is 5′ Wide and 5′ Long. This 60″ Grand Dive Pro Plus model is capable of sitting two adults in a session. This chamber is made for comfortable sitting as patients can relax in reclining or angled positions.  You can roll a wheelchair into this opening and there is plenty of room in the chamber for the person in the wheelchair. The 60″ Grand Dive Pro Plus has a wide opening for loading the patient into the chamber.

The 60″ Grand Dive Pro Plus hyperbaric system has two emergency vent modes. The emergency vent system decompresses in less than 120 seconds, controlled by a technician to allow control of the descent and to optimize for patient comfort. The Grand Dive Pro Hyperbaric System also includes an emergency shut-off and automatic vent system for full decompression within 120 seconds without the need of an attendant.

The 60″ Grand Dive Pro Plus Hyperbaric Chamber also provides for respiratory support that automatically compensates for the pressure changes in the chamber using Summit To Sea’ s customized hyperbaric ventilator

The system has an oxygen monitoring to ensure patients are receiving 100% oxygen at 3 ATA to maximize the effectiveness of the hyperbaric treatment. The self-regulating machine provides the right pressure and heat in the chamber all the time. The chamber has a patient air-break breathing system to minimize the risk of oxygen toxicity.

Professional chambers need to be set up correctly. Atlanta Hyperbaric Center provides free delivery that complies with healthcare requirements to its clientele. They also offer initial training for two in the purchase. The chamber comes with service manuals, and experienced technicians, in any case, do servicing and repairs

Professional Grade Hyperbaric Chamber Features

  • Spacious chamber with reclining setting for better comfort
  • Fully integrated entertainment system with dual speakers
  • Hydraulic gurney for effortless loading of the patient
  • Equipped with monitors and controls for data monitoring and collection
  • Patient air-break breathing system

This Pro Grade Hyperbaric Chamber is  great choice for a medical practice that wants to provide additional services to their patients. The training and support provided by Atlanta Hyperbaric Center will allow your practice to service new patients for many years to come. This investment represents a new revenue stream a medical practice or clinic.




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