To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

USED Titan Cryo


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USED Titan Cryo Sauna

Private seller wanting to sell is perfectly running Titan Cryo Sauna.  Manufacture will come and set up your sauna.

Fully Automated Session Controls
23″ HD touchscreen Control Panel
Regulated Intake Controls
Balanced Cabin Temperature
Enclosed Telescoping Lift
Minimal LN2 Consumption

Easy Access Swivel Mounted Controls
Thermal Imaging Camera with 10″ Display
Automated Session Times: 90 to 180 seconds
Balanced Cabin Temperature
Auto Adjusting Client Height
Remote Diagnostics

The TITAN CryoCabin utilizes an airing system which expels the gasiform air in the cooling process while simultaneously ventilating the main room to ensure proper air turnover and overall client safety. The interior of the cabin is oval and heterogenous, insuring an even flow, making the temperature inside balanced from shoulder to toe. The Titan Cryocabin™ is equipped with an elevator floor. The importance of the elevator floor is to allow the client to breathe the air from the main room so only the body is enveloped by the hyper-cooled air. Fully automated session process that ensures a balanced and proper delivery of the hyper-cooled air. Adjustable session timer (30 seconds to 3 minutes) to meet specific regiment needs. Regulated temperature safety controls (-166°F TO -280°F) that protect our clients from “over-cooling”. The optimal temperature for cryotherapy is negative two hundred – twenty degrees Fahrenheit (-220°F).


Valve control system: Regulated, less consumption
Consumption rate: 1.3L per minute (session average: 6.0L)
Vortex Cooling: Vapor flows around the body, instead of at the body
Operating temperature: -220 degrees F / Regulated -166F to -280F
Operating pressure: 22 to 32 PSI
Manufacturer Warranty: One year
TITAN™: Height 96″, client height up to 6’8″ and 400lbs
TITAN PRO™: Height 102.0″, client height up to 7’0″ and 400lbs
Servicing and Maintenance Remote diagnostics through WIFI
Control panel locations: left or right facing
Active ventilation: 4.0″ Exhaust
Doorway opening: >36.0″
Electrical: Standard 110V / 60 Hz / 20 amp breaker
Manufacturing standards: UL, CSA, C E, ISO 9001 & ISO 14001
Fully automated session control: 90 seconds to 3 minutes
Digital LED: Displays cabin temperature
Security: Password protected access
Panel: 19″ HD touchscreen control panel
Thermal imaging camera with 10″ display: Optional, LED
Active circulation: Creates a balanced cabin temp
Fully Enclosed Electric lift: Adjust height of client

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