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SeQual Integra


SeQual Integra

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SeQual Integra

The SeQual Integra is SeQual’s first 10 LPM oxygen concentrator on the market. This home oxygen concentrator will produce a maximum of 10 LPM for patients in need of high flow oxygen. Patients can go without the worry of running out of oxygen with the SeQual Integra, plug it into the wall and use the oxygen concentrator 24/7/365 days a year! This home oxygen concentrator is one of the most reliable 10 liters on the market today! The SeQual Integra weighs 57 lbs and is on wheels to allow for easy transportation.


  • Is The Most Reliable, Cost-Effective System for Serving High-Flow Patients
› Easy-To-Read LCD Flow Indicator
  • Compact Cabinet With Integrated Handle And four Swivel Casters Making Movement Easy
  • Essentially The Same Size, Weight, And Power Consumption As A 5 LPM Oxygen Concentrator
› Single Easy-To-Clean Cabinet Intake Filter, Reach And Remove For Periodic Cleaning
› Alerts You If The Oxygen Hose Becomes Restricted
  • The New Flat Panel Cleans With A Quick Wipe
  • Hour Meter Can Easily Be Accessed And Viewed By Service Technician
› Internal 9 Volt Battery, Powers Alarm If Electric Service Is Interrupted
  • Delivers Up To 10 LPM Of Continuous Oxygen Only A Concentrator Can Provide

SeQual Integra 10 Liter Oxygen Concentrator Specifications

  • Width: 14.7″
  • Length: 26″
  • Depth: 19.1
  • Weight: 57 lbs.
  • Noise: 60 dBA
  • Maximum Output: 10 LPM
  • Maximum Outlet Pressure: 7.5 PSIG
  • Power Connections: 110VAC/60Hz
  • Average Power Consumption: 575 Watts
  • Maximum Operating Altitude: 0 – 9,000 feet above sea level.

SeQual Integra 10 EZ Oxygen Concentrator Warranty: 5 yrs.

Sequal Integra 10 EZ Oxygen Concentrator is a high oxygen output machine for oxygen therapy patients manufactured by SeQual. Why settle for anything less than a perfect 10 in anOxygen Concentrator? The Sequal Integra Ten is a 10 liter Oxygen Concentrator for both care giver facilities and homes. With many years of proven reliability, the Integra Ten is now more efficient, cleaner, and easier to service. The Integra Ten uses a patented ATF (Advanced Technology Fractionator) to eliminate more 200 troublesome parts found in conventional oxygen concentrators. The ATF is essentially one mechanically integrated module, that contains a single moving part that is maintenance-free, self-cleaning, and invulnerable to wear. There are no failure-prone solenoid valves, 40 fewer pneumatic connections, 35 fewer electrical connections, no electronics for valve sequencing, and no pressure-reducing regulator. Because of this unique design the Integra Ten operates at a constant low-pressure that is matched by the compressor. Because both major pieces of the concentrator operate at a steady rate, the risk of pressure swings is eliminated and the concentrator can operate for a longer period of time without wear. The mechanically integrated module with a single moving part constructed of space age composites is maintenance free, self-cleaning and less vulnerable to wear. Compare the SeQual Integra 10 EZ with the top selling home oxygen concentrators at Home Oxygen Concentrator Ratings.


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