SeQual Equinox

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SeQual eQuinox

The SeQual eQuinox™ features a talking voice interface and is smallest transportable concentrator available offering 3 LPM.

SeQual eQuinox Product

The SeQual eQuinox™ is the newest, quietest, and most advanced transportable POC on the market. With cutting-edge technology providing numerous new features to meet both patient wants and provider needs, the SeQual eQuinox is the premier POC available.

The Multi-Language Voice Interface offers a new layer of comfort to users by providing verbal confirmation of changed flow rate settings, as well as announcing battery times and any alarms. Providing continuous flow options from 0.5LPM to 3.0LPM and 9 pulse flow settings from 16mL to 192mL, the SeQual eQuinox can meet a patient’s 24-7 needs.

With its advanced clinical features and high pulse settings, the eQuinox is capable of supporting almost all oxygen patients regardless of their oxygen prescription or disease state.

The eQuinox is fully functional on AC Power, DC Power, and battery power. With the option of a longer lasting 24-cell battery pack, the eQuinox can achieve 2.75 hours of operation at 2.0 LPM. The eQuinox is FAA-approved for on-board, in-flight use.

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