To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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The Relaxer Hyperbaric Chamber – Generation O2


  • 73 inches long by 44.8 inches tall by 42.5 inches wide providing plenty of room for comfort and to be able to move around. Designed to support 1 individual. (Larger sizing available upon request).
  • Seams are Triple and Penta welded and be assured that no toxic glues are used.
  • Four Transparent viewport windows (2 on each side) allow for ambient light and monitoring from multiple viewpoints. 
  • Can be operated alone, without assistance. i.e. Our system has no straps over the zippers that would limit entry and exit.
  • Our unique system prevents carbon dioxide build-up by exhausting the carbon dioxide through the pressure relief valves.
  • Our Compressor and Oxygen generator filtrates pollutants down to the micron level. 

The Relaxer My HBOT Hyperbaric Chamber Bundle

Atlanta Hyperbaric Center is has become a international hyperbaric chamber supplier, with that we have now teamed up with Macy-Pan from China the leader in hyperbaric chambers in the orient.  There chambers are not yet sold in the US and are for international sales only.

Macy-Pay started in 2010 and they have been growing and producing high quality american standard hyperbaric chambers.  These chambers are built to last and will provide pressure up to 1.3 ATA.  This chamber is perfect for home or office.  The bundle package has everything you need in one shipment: Hyperbaric Chamber, Super Pump, Oxygen Concentrator and all accessories to get you started.

***For International Sales Only***

The Relaxer Generation O2 Hyperbaric Chamber

1)Chamber and accessories
2)Air Compressor
3)Internal Frame
4)Folding Chair

Easy Operation – One people can operate it without assistance.
7 transparent viewing windows to ease claustrophobia.
Can accommodate One person.
Internal Pressure Gauge – The user can observe the pressure while inside the chamber.
Emergency valve – To Speed the depressurization.
Seams are heat welded – No toxic glues are used.
Unique 2 zipper seal for oxygen leak prevention.
Internal steel frame – Hold the shape when not in use.
Fast shipping to your door, by FedEx or DHL Express.

Pay with Cash or Cashiers check only!

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