To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

Cryo Innovations XL Chamber



Meet the XR Cryotherapy Chamber
The XR full body cryotherapy chamber has been designed from inception to be the safest, most technologically advanced and profitable, cryotherapy chamber on the market. It is the only chamber to combine bio-metrics, thermal imaging and 8+ on-board safety features to ensure optimal client safety and minimize owner liability. The chamber fits everyone and manages all client and chamber data with built-in business solutions. This allows the owner to be hands-off, so they can focus on growing clientele volume and have the cryotherapy machine pay for itself.

Redefining Performance & Technology

My XL cryotherapy chamber immediately started turning heads upon its release. Designed from inception to be the safest, most powerful cryotherapy chamber on the market. With it’s proprietary Cyclone Flow Technology, the XR ensures user is engulfed in evenly distributed nitrogen that delivers a PUNCH. Liquid Nitrogen is plumbed into the chamber usually from a 230L Liquid Nitrogen Dewar or sometimes a Micro-Bulk Tank and enters the chamber in its gaseous state. The chamber runs just over 3 liters per session which is far less than its competitors and the power consumption is similar to a TV. This makes the XR hands down the most efficient chamber on the market!

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Additional Costs
Nitrogen Options
Budgeting for Additional Cryo Expenses

Minimum Maintenance

The XR cryotherapy chamber requires low to no maintenance. The chamber has a non-electric, adjustable platform made up of Cryogenically rated foam step pads that eliminate the probable failure of motorized lifts. In addition, all parts are assembled in the U.S. which allows a quick turn around time in the rare instance that a part needs to be replaced.

Efficient Installation and Training

Purchase Includes

Purchase Includes (Download PDF)
Industry Leading 3 Year Warranty
Online Registration for Clients
2 Robes, 2 Booties, 2 Gloves
Step Ups
Surge Protector
Infrared Thermometer
Wrench for CGA 295 Liquid Nitrogen Hose
Customer Service with Real-Time Diagnostics

Chamber and Liquid Nitrogen Dewars take up a 5′ x 5′ area

Financing – (Available if needed)

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