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My-Cryo Trekker

My-Cryo Trekker


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M-Cryo Trekker


Cryotherapy on the Go

All M-Cryo models have been designed for reliability, durability, serviceability and efficiency. They are easy to install and maintain, quiet, economical, and suitable for slow, as well as high volume operations. The interior material is frost resistant, and drying during the day is optional. The cabins are capable of providing as many as 15-20 treatments per hour.

Customization Options

Size, interior and exterior, as well as financing options can be customized to allow you to find the best cryo sauna for your healthcare facility, chiropractic office or training room, or for private use. Our sauna is perfect for home or office use in a health care clinic.

  • -Instant preparedness and rapid cooling
  • -High throughput, up to 15 clients per hour
  • -Treatments can be used immediately before and/or after workouts or plays
  • -Increased efficiency with every back-to-back treatment provided
  • -No build up of frost inside the cryosauna cabin and no forced breaks for drying
  • -Pre-set regimens and automated controls for easy operation
  • -Detailed recommendations for us
  • -Cutting-edge technology that only a few facilities can provide
  • -Proven track record of faster recovery and effective pain management
  • -Advanced therapy administered in just three minutes
  • -Recommendations for use and pre-set automated treatment protocols
  • -Ease of operation with no medical training required
  • – Additional revenue stream

    Cryogenic Chamber Features

    M-Cryo Trekker Features:
    ▪ 110 V, 1.5 kW/h
    ▪ Footprint (with trailer) L 18′ x W 8.5″ x H 7.5′
    ▪ Overall height 80”
    ▪ Radius 38″
    ▪ Built in power generator
    ▪ Weight (with trailer) 3000 lbs, nitrogen tanks excluded
    ▪ Lift None – Special pads adjust standing height
    ▪ Comfortably serves people up to 6’7”, 350 lbs
    ▪ Can provide 20-35 treatments per day
    ▪ Nitrogen supply from a 22 psi pressurized cylinded
    ▪ 2-year warranty provided

    Specification of The Trailer

    8.5′ x 18′ x 7.5′ Trailer w/ Rear Ramp & Side Door
    CVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) – 7000 lbs
    Standard Features:
    • V-Nose
    • Tandem 3500# Axle w/ E-Z Lube Hubs
    • Electric Brakes
    • 2000# A-Frame Jack w/ Sandfoot
    • 3/4” Plywood Floor
    • 3/8” Plywood Wall Panels
    • Aluminum Exterior Panels, available in 3 colors: white, silver, black
    • 15” Tires on Steel White Wheels
    • Aluminum Fenders
    • Rear Ramp Door
    • Non-Powered Roof Vent
    • 24” Aluminum Tread Plate Stone Guard
    • 12V Dome Light w/ Wall Switch

      Trailer Customization for Cryo Trekker

      Ceiling height increased by 12″, to 8.5′
      Strengthened floor
      White vinyl ceiling and walls
      8 side wall vents
      Electrical package
      Power generator would be installed during the sauna build-in and is included in the price, as well as a pretty basic A/C. It is possible to order a trailer with full built-in heating and conditioning, it costs $1,600 more than a trailer without heating.
      For the sauna, you could choose the color of interior (beige, grey, black, or dark cherry) and the color of the outer sauna wall. We could leave it white for the client to apply any design of its choice, cover it in “wood” panels or brushed aluminum panels (some pics enclosed).
      For nitrogen, there is room for 2 cylinders in the back of the trailer, one on each side of the sauna, but the cylinders are not included. We suggest to rent them from the nitrogen supplier rather than own. If the client is going to serve events, 2 cylinders will not take it through the day, anyway. Alternatively, one can install a micro-bulk tank on the pick-up truck and feed the sauna from there. It’s definitely more practical and convenient if the trailer will be used on daily bases rather just for selected events here and there.

Onsite Training Included

Additional Costs
Nitrogen Options
Budgeting for Additional Cryo Expenses

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