To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

Life Force Face Scanner

Life Force Magic Mirror


Introducing the revolutionary AI 8 Spectrum Life Force Magic Mirror Skin Image Analyzer – a cutting-edge marvel in skincare diagnostics that brings the future of dermatology to your fingertips! Boasting a staggering 28 million ultra-high definition pixels, this state-of-the-art device delivers crystal-clear images and lightning-fast data processing, setting a new standard in skin analysis.

Unlock the power of 14 different problem analyses, meticulously examining both surface and deep layers of the skin across various spectra. With the amalgamation of deep learning and seamless cloud storage, this device emerges as the indisputable choice for discerning skin clinics and beauty salons.

Gone are the days of relying solely on past medical experiences. Our AI 8 Spectrum Magic Mirror is a paradigm shift, leveraging deep learning techniques and dermatological expertise to quantify and diagnose skin conditions with unparalleled accuracy. Bid farewell to vague diagnoses and usher in a new era of precise, quantifiable results that redefine skincare treatment.

But that’s not all – this innovative tool offers a comprehensive suite of features, ensuring both doctors and patients receive the most accurate, clear, and easy-to-understand skin diagnostic reports. From detecting dermatological issues like sensitive skin and acne to evaluating wrinkles, spots, pores, moisture, elasticity, and texture, the device covers it all.

The Skin Attribute Module takes it a step further, providing insights into skin age, facial features, and overall score evaluation. Visualize your progress with the Contrast Analysis Module, offering side-by-side comparisons of pre and post-treatment results.

Our Report Module transforms data into actionable insights, offering personalized skincare recommendations, precautions, and product suggestions based on user test results. Seamlessly manage customer information with the Speed Module, facilitating efficient follow-ups and customer engagement.

Tailor your approach with the Solution Module, which aligns merchant products with customer needs based on inspection results. The device is not just powerful but also smart – with cloud storage, multi-account management, and remote accessibility, it brings unprecedented convenience to skincare management.

Elevate your skincare practice with the AI 8 Spectrum Magic Mirror – where precision meets innovation for a future-forward approach to dermatology!

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