To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

Life Force Anti Aging Skin Rejuvenator


Life Force Anti-Aging Skin Rejuvenator

Our intelligent ice-blue skin management system utilizes cutting-edge technology to revolutionize your skincare routine. With a high-definition 10-million-pixel micro-range camera and three-spectral imaging technology, we capture detailed facial skin images. These images are then processed through an AI core engine, which performs intelligent diagnosis and analysis, assessing eight dimensions of skin health. The system identifies various skin issues and tailors a personalized beauty care regimen while intelligently recommending professional skincare products.

This comprehensive system integrates six high-end beauty functions, including the

  1. “High-frequency skin scrubber” to eliminate excess oil, aging skin cells, and dirt with ultrasonic and high-frequency vibration.
  2.  “Ultrasonic head” converts large nutrient molecules into smaller ones for enhanced skin absorption.
  3. “Cold hammer” tightens pores and firms the skin. The “ion spray pen” provides essential moisture and nutrients.
  4. “Needling RF” stimulates collagen production, rejuvenating the skin, reducing pores, and minimizing fine wrinkles.
  5. “Hydra peeling” effectively cleans the skin surface and clears pores, removing aging cutin and dirt.
  6. “Camera detection pen” identifies specific skin issues for targeted treatment.

Advantages of our Skin Analyzer System:

1. Intelligent face recognition for effortless log-in.
2. Automatic analysis of test results with intelligent diagnosis.
3. Eight major detection categories: wrinkles, pores, color spots, roughness, oil content, sensitivity, moisture, and acne.
4. Utilizes a 10-megapixel macro camera.
5. Incorporates 3 spectral imaging technology (standard white light, cross-polarized light, UV light) for in-depth skin and scalp analysis.
6. Offers high-resolution diagnosis for effective problem-solving and skincare.
7. Connects seamlessly with 5G cloud technology for easy result access.
8. Includes high-quality 6 nursing probes for comprehensive skin care.
9. Provides excellent value compared to other market detection and skincare instruments.
10. Offers intelligent recommendations for skincare products based on detection and analysis results.

Experience the future of skincare with Life Force Anti-Aging Skin Rejuvenator.

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