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Industrial Oxygen Concentrator

Industrial Oxygen Concentrator




Industrial Oxygen Concentrator

Providing Clean Oxygen on Demand, Quietly & Reliably

The AEROUS™ oxygen concentrators are designed for commercial applications that require high levels of oxygen – up to 95%. The oxygen is created on-site via the pressure swing adsorption (PSA) process. Oxygen concentrators can provide a constant flow of oxygen without storage or handling of oxygen cylinders, making them the perfect choice for many applications.


  • Lowest sound level of any commercial oxygen concentrator – Very quiet. Can be installed in noise sensitive areas such as outside a bedroom window
  • Compact – Takes very little space, reducing the necessary footprint
  • Gas flow meter – Quick reference to visually check operation
  • External air filters – No need to remove any covers to service filters
  • Easy to service – All components including sieve beds are serviceable and readily accessible
  • Produces -80ºF dew point feed gas – Keeps equipment clean and dry for years lowering maintenance and increasing efficiency
  • Generated on-site – Oxygen on demand, no transportation.

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