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To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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Iceberg electric CRYO

The electric Iceberg, is the last generation of cryo devices that offers extreme cold temperatures to an affected area. The Grand model has a LED cryo facial rejuvenation mask. This electric machine does not require nitrogen refills. It is portable, and has a low power consumption, and can be plugged into a regular outlet, making this unit the best solution for your beauty, wellness or rehabilitation practice. The electric Iceberg cryotherapy machine is designed to deliver the safest and most effective localized cryo treatment.

Why choose the electric localized cryotherapy machine?


The Iceberg localized cryotherapy machine targets areas that may be inflamed due to aging, injuries and athletic workouts. This device has cooling air temperatures of -30C (-22F) using a powerful electric compressor. A special hose with a nozzle delivers freezing air that blows on the skin. This method of localized therapy, has been proven to minimize pain, relax muscles, reduce swelling, and promote healing. The Iceberg cryo machine decreases body temperature to reduce inflammation and soreness, and boost collagen levels.

How does the electric localized Iceberg work?


The electric localized cryotherapy machine pumps cold air generated from an electric compressor in the bottom of the machine. The most popular application of this treatment is the cryo-facial. Cold air blows deep within the tissue and pores, which helps tighten and rejuvenate the skin, therefore slowing down the aging process. The client can expect faster results in months with ongoing treatments. The Iceberg is used as a natural method to cool the body down for recovery and quick pain relief, while improving blood circulation. The Iceberg offers a cryo treatment combined with a LED rejuvenation light technology. This is one of the safest machines, and is 100% electric with no nitrogen to

 operate it. Our cooling system uses advanced heat exchange technology, and a thermal shock effect after a treatment can be acquired during a longer session. The Iceberg is portable and compact to make it easier to move around any business. The cryo session usually takes about 5-15 minutes depending on the program for the client’s needs. The low temperature works wonders on the texture and appearance of the skin to ensure a therapeutic effect.

Application of localized cryotherapy treatments is easy.

The Iceberg electric localized machine is a multi purpose unit. Applications include:

  • Estestic purposes for brighter skin, remove red spots and anti-aging. The cold tightens pores and gives your face a smoother appearance. Medical spas and Estheticians also include this cold regimen to boost collagen production and cool down the skin after a client has laser or wax procedure.
  • Healing Therapy to reduce inflammation and for pain relief, a popular therapy for injuries in physical therapy clinics and the chiropractic industry.
  • Cooling after laser or wax treatments. Laser treatments overheating skin which requires to immediately cooling down it. Many laser centers using localized cryotherapy machines for post laser treatments and reduction of pain effect which should bring laser treatments.
  • Extremely cold temperatures help kill bacteria on the skin surface, calm eczema and improving the other problems visible skin conditions.

Benefits of the cryo facial cryotherapy with Iceberg electric unit:

– helps to shrink skin pores. – enhances collagen production – helps with skin symptoms like acne, atopic dermatitis – reduces inflammation – reduces swelling (very good after facial injections/operations) – increases elasticity of the skin – treating migraine headaches


How do cryo facials work?

The cooling feature on the wand, help to promote collagen production as the blood

 vessels in your face are constricted which makes wrinkles less noticeable.

The alternative feature on the wand does the exact opposite, as it dilates the blood vessels and opens them up. This alternating blood vessel constriction and dilation activates immune cells to remove harmful bacteria.

What do expect during a cryo session:

A cryo facial treatment takes 5-12 minutes, in which cold air is applied to the scalp, the face and the neck. The treatment is pain-free and many customers stated this is very pleasant feeling cold blowing to face area. Some patients may experience a ‘pins and

needles’ sensation which disappears quickly after the treatment. When your vessels dilate back again, flow of blood and oxygen to your face increases, leaving your face feeling and looking fresh. The rush of oxygen and blood in your facial skin can also help your face not look swollen. The effects of cryo treatments are immediate and can last up to 7 days. It is recommended to have cryo facial sessions every 3-4 weeks for the best results.

The LED mask in the Grand model:


The Grand model of the Iceberg electric localized cryotherapy machine, has a LED light face mask. The intense lights blends with different wavelengths, that are effective in skin care to treat acne, reduce pigmentation, heals skin and boost collagen production. During a session, the machine blows cold air under the LED mask. The mask has a connector that unplugs, and incorporates rubber pins to hold it gently in place. The combination of cryo and LED therapy is a great alternative to Botox and reduce inflammation after other beauty treatments.

Thermal imaging can be used in cryotherapy to monitor and visualize temperature changes in the body during the treatment. Cryotherapy involves exposing the body to extremely cold temperatures, and thermal imaging can help ensure the safety and effectiveness of the procedure.

Thermal cameras can capture and display temperature variations in real-time, allowing

practitioners to assess the cooling effect on the skin and underlying tissues. This information helps ensure that the temperature remains within safe and therapeutic limits, preventing frostbite or other adverse effects.

By using thermal imaging, healthcare professionals can monitor the distribution of cold therapy, adjust the treatment as needed, and provide a more controlled and precise cryotherapy experience for patients. It offers an additional layer of safety and quality control in the cryotherapy process.



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