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60″ Grand Dive Pro Plus

60″ Grand Dive Pro Plus



Grand Dive Pro Plus 60″ Hyperbaric Chamber

This is Huge!  You Get Two Chambers in One.
5″ Wide 5″ Long
This chamber is perfect for clinicalical or physical therapy use.
Large Open Door– You can roll a wheelchair into this opening and there is plenty of room in the chamber for the person in the wheelchair.
Large Diameter– allows plenty of room to have a second person to be inside the chamber with them.
Big Space – gives room for those healthcare providers to actually treat their customers inside the chamber enhancing their treatment.
Another benefit of this chamber is it allows for a gurney (not included) to be rolled into the chamber.
For other applications this chamber allows you to put a comfortable reclining office chair inside as the feet can be raised up and the back reclined.
And lastly, it comes with the usual foam mat that allows anyone to lay down and rest during their treatment.
We feel that this will give the end user (i.e. clinic) the ability to serve every person needing hyperbaric therapy no matter what their condition is.
We think this is a very exciting and affordable addition to the hyperbaric industry allowing those who cannot use hyperbarics to finally reap the life changing benefits as others are doing now.
This chamber includes a 4’ by 6’ carpet, a small carpet to place over the zipper when rolling in a wheelchair or gurney, and a foam mat.  We have also included two additional compressors to assure plenty of fresh air flow.


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