To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

Cryo Air Flex
Cryo Air Flex
Electric full body cryo
Electric Cryotherapy Machine

Cryo Air Flex

Cryo Air Flex Electric Cryotherapy Machine

The Cryo Air flex by MECOTEC enables you to provide whole-body electric cryotherapy!

The Cryo Air Flex can provide cryo at -85°C for about 10 hours a day. It is available in different models that allow you the highest flexibility in its construction design. It can be expanded in 10 cm steps ensuring every personal requirement is met, whether you want to compactly insert cryotherapy into an existing room concept or to offer the maximum space for up to two users at the same time. Likewise, the installation of its engine, the technological cooling centerpiece, offers individual options.


Effect Meets Efficiency in Electric Cryotherapy

Opting for a Cryo Air single for your electric cryotherapy is a profitable decision. This cryochamber has a very small footprint and can be individually adapted by our experienced experts upon request. That makes this one- chamber solution ideal for medical practices, physiotherapy centers, spas, and gyms. Its low running costs combined with its stable operating performance make it very economical. Therefore the Cryo Air single is a best-in-class product for specific applications in therapy and training.

  • whole-body cryo chamber
  • suitable for several people simultaneously
  • available as regular or corner solution
  • highly customizable in terms of shape and size
  • highly cost-efficient
  • allows high commercial use, like in cryo centers, sports, or wellness facilities.



Electric cryo one

Electric Vs. Nitrogen

Why Electric

cryoone electric


Electric full body cryo

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