Cryo One



With whole-body cryotherapy booming in the health, sport and wellness sector, cryotherapy is a business investment that will quickly pay for itself. It’s so effective and cost-attractive that you can recoup your outlay in about two years. MECOTEC is a pioneer in the development of electrical refrigeration equipment and can draw on a wealth of experience over the company’s 25-year history.

Cryo One

Electric Cryo Unit

Our cryo:one is the smallest pure electric cryo chamber in the world. That means the customer can fi t it in almost all types of practices, studios or private rooms, even on yachts. It provides the user with an exclusive cryo experience surrounded by pure air at a temperature of -85°C and with complete freedom of movement. The multi-minute treatment in the cryo:one helps revitalizing, regenerating and boosting the immune system.

  • most compact whole-body cryochamber worldwide
  • installed and ready for operation within shortest time
  • suitable even for small rooms
  • heated glass door
  • low running costs

Available options:

• Recooling package

• Music package

• Cabinet housing for the engine

Electric cryo one


Operational Cost are a fraction of that to traditional nitrogen units.   

Why Electric

cryoone electric











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