CryoKnight PT


Cryoknight  PT

The Cryoknight PT is priced to sell.

Its simplicity to use

perfect for localized cooling

versatility and effective treatment

Up to 40 used in one tank

Cryoknight  PT

The Cryoknight PT is priced to sell.  It is one of the most affordable nitrogen gas localized cryotherapy machines in the market priced just under six thousand dollars.  Its simplicity is the key to ensure long term easy use.

This unit is perfect for localized cooling at only the treatment area.  This unit will add versatility and effective treatment to any business.  The unit consist of just the top head and hose all you will need to do is purchase a nitrogen tank.  Just place the attachment on the tank and begin treatments.

Perfect for: Home use, Esthetician, chiropractors, trainers, health spas and clinics


Easy to use

Simple design

Better Gas Use.

20-35 Treatments Per Tank

​Be a trendsetter.

Localized CryoCycling™ is an established modality, useful in multiple markets and embraced by an exponentially increasing number of health-conscious users.

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