To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

Cryoair C600

CRYOair C600


Cryoair C600

Electric Localized Cryo

Mobile and safe. Cryoair cold air therapy devices.

The Cryoair C600 can treat specifically where it hurts.

The Cryoair cold air therapy devices were developed for local therapy. They are safe and easy to use. 


Cryoair C600

The cryoair cold air therapy devices are available in five different versions. In addition, there are optional accessories such as various attachments for spot treatment, treatment arm, and various hose lengths. For more information, please see our brochure in PDF format.

In cold air therapy, an exactly dosed air flow is blown directly onto the skin using a treatment hose. By that, the body is targeted deprived of warmth. By the local heat loss, cold air therapy relieves pain and reduces swelling.

Cryoair C600 -60 °C

Air flow: 350-1500 l/min.
Therapy temperature of down to -60 °C
Mains fuse: 2 x 16 A
Protection class according to IEC 601-1: 1
Treatment hose: 170 cm
Area of application: Continuous operation
Features: The most powerful device of the C series

MOBILE AND SAFE – CRYOAIR 600 COLD AIR THERAPY DEVICES. The cryoair systems produce cold air at an adjustable rate of up to 1,500 l/min. Depending on the model you choose, the device cools the air to a maximum of -60 °C. This cold air is blown through the hose directly to the body part which needs to be covered. Different therapy hoses and nozzles are available for a simple and exact treatment.

CUSTOM-MADE OR STANDARD-DIFFERENT TYPES AND ACCESSORIES. Five different standard models of the cryoair cold air therapy devices are available. All types are equipped with an automatic defrost system to allow permanent use with no need to remove any water. We offer different types of hoses and other accessories for your individual needs and comfortable handling.

MECOTEC: Trust in one of the leading suppliers in cryotherapy

As a pioneer in the development of electrical cryotherapy equipment, MECOTEC can look back on over 25 years of experience. Thanks to years of research, cryoair products offer the highest possible efficiency and maximum reliability with a warranty of up to five years. All products are completely nitrogen-free and are 100% made in Germany. Our worldwide network guarantees fast, expert aftersales service, regardless of where you are.

Cryoair 600The advantages of cold air over other cooling methods

In contrast to other cooling applications, you benefit in multiple ways with the cryoair cold air therapy devices:
Higher cooling gradient without risk of freezing
Constant cooling for a longer period of time
The area of the body being treated remains accessible and movable
No medicines to take.




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