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Cryo T Nozzles

Cryo T Nozzles


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Cryo T Nozzles

No. 1 (small) order/ref. D1 – Cryotherapy of small surfaces (trigger points, small joints, fibromygalia, stimulations of meridians, children cryotherapy) $799

No. 2 (medium) order/ref. D2 – Cryotherapy of medium surfaces (joints: elbow, knee; smaller areas of muscles) $799

No. 3 (large) order/ref. D3 – Cryotherapy of large surfaces (large joints: schoulders, hips, back; larger areas of muscles) $799

No. 4 (hyperbaric) order/ref. D4 – Cryotherapy in cryoneurostimulation $999

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Cryo T Nozzle

#1 Small, $799

Nozzle #2

#2 Medium, $799

Nozzle #3

#3 Large, $799


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