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mecotecWith whole-body cryotherapy booming in the health, sport and wellness sector, cryotherapy is a business investment that will quickly pay for itself. It’s so effective and cost-attractive that you can recoup your outlay in about two years. MECOTEC is a pioneer in the development of electrical refrigeration equipment

Cryo One+

Cryo One Plus

Electric Cryo Machine

In the cryo:one+, up to two users can experience the benefits of whole-body cryotherapy at the same time. With its compact yet spacious dimensions, it has multiple fields of applications like gyms, medical facilities or wellness studios. Its powerful performance combined with a very low energy consumption makes this chamber one of the most economical innovations in the New Health sector.

  • whole-body cryochamber based on the features of cryo:one
  • nearly 50% additional indoor space
  • even more powerful in performance
  • suitable for up to 2 people simultaneously
  • installed and ready for operation within shortest time

Available options:

• Recooling package

• Music package

• Cabinet housing for the engine

Electric cryo one

Electric Vs. Nitrogen

Why Electric

cryoone electric


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