Companion 5

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Companion 5

CAIRE’s the Companion 5 is a 5 LPM compact stationary designed specifically for quality, performance, and reliability.

The product uses state-of-the-art technology and high-quality parts to create the most durable unit on the market. The design utilizes minimal components and internal connections and is designed for ease of service. The Companion 5 reliably delivers between 0.5-5.0 LPM at high purity levels.

ultraSILENT™ Technology makes the Companion 5 perfect for the noise-sensitive patients. This technology drastically reduces the intake noise and virtually eliminates the purge sound that is noticeable on other concentrators.

autoFLOW™ Technology adjusts the valve cycle timing based on flow rates. This leads to reduced power consumption, higher oxygen purity, lower operating temperatures, quieter operation, and reduced pressure at lower flow rates. These benefits not only improve performance and durability, but also maximize the efficiency of the major components.

An uncomplicated patient interface features a toggle on/off switch, easy-to-read LED lights, audible alarms, and a large hour meter that will also display diagnostic alarm codes.

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