To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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Antarctica WBC Electric
Antarctica WBC Electric
Antarctica WBC Electric
Antarctica WBC Electric
Antarctica WBC Electric

Antarctica WBC Electric

Antarctica WBC Electric

Presenting the future of whole body cryotherapy chambers, the electric Cryostar Antarctica. Designed to gently stimulate one’s natural body responses. This chamber achieves the utmost efficiency through the use of safe, innovative and strategic technologies. It ensures that the client receives all the benefits of cryotherapy, without nitrogen vapors. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of our superior cryo treatment product. This fully electric unit allows you to just plug it into the outlet and enjoy!

CryoStar Antarctica: Overview

The Cryostar Antarctica whole body chamber applies the safest, and most powerful technologies to get the most out of cryotherapy procedures. We have replaced the nitrogen with a maximally cooled breathable air. Our customers are exposed to the extreme temperatures for a short time, to achieve their goals with no risk. Enhanced rejuvenation, tissue restoration, for aesthetic purposes, or as a tool to unburden one of depression. This is what the electric Cryostar Antarctica whole body cryotherapy chamber is about.

The Technology

In the Cryostar Antarctica whole body cryotherapy chamber, we use revolutionary technology with no exposure and inhaling cooling gases. The housing of our cryo chamber has an embedded heat exchanger which delivers extremely cold air to the individual walk-in chamber. Nitrogen is let out through a secure exhaust system. That is, there is cryogenic gases or nitrogen vapors contacted with the skin or airways. Unlike conventional cryo chambers where nitrogen vapors are diffused to cool down the skins surface, the electric Antarctica uses maximally pre-cooled, breathable air, that circulates in the cabin, while you are healing from your cryotherapy treatment.

The air temperature inside the electric cryo chamber drops down to -100°C/148F, which is recognized as the optimal sub-zero exposure for maximum efficiency. The session lasts for 1-3 minutes. This is long enough for encouraging body recovery and promoting an effective performance of all organs, functions and systems. During the procedure, the clients can listen to relaxing music, and monitor the internal temperature on the screen inside the cabin.

Whole Body cryotherapy treatments, VS. Open head cryotherapy treatments.

Although all kinds of cryotherapy are distinctively beneficial for your health and beauty, whole body cryotherapy treatments are the most multifaceted. It results in a precise, wholesome, long-lasting outcome.

True Whole Body Cryochamber

  • Encourages more pronounced body response. 

As long as 70% of our cold receptors are located on our neck and head, it is clear that omitting these body parts in cryotherapy cuts off a great percentage of the desired effect. In the CryoStar Antarctica Whole Body Chamber, clients are exposed to extremely cold temperatures having equal influence on all body parts, including the most receptive ones. Increased innervation not only multiplies the effects of the treatment, but also significantly enhances activation of the autonomous nervous system, compared to partial body cooling (PBC).

  • Enhances cellular activation.

Walk-in cryo chambers for whole body therapy essentially lifts the levels of cellular activation. Partial body cryo chambers cannot

reach these levels and bring the benefits provoked by the Whole Body Cryochamber. Activated cells situation means that one session will award you with more energy because mitochondrias (cell’s ‘power plants’) are generated at an increased pace and produce more energy.

Whole body cooling:
  • Uniformly cools skin and sub-skin tissues.

Skin spots with normal and cold temperatures are characteristics of Partial Body Cryochambers. This is beneficial and desired in certain cases, but generally, even temperatures provoke way more distinct and long-term results. This applies especially to inflammation and pain relief, as well as balancing hormonal levels and deep body tissues.

 The indexes of dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine in the blood, demonstrate the autonomic nervous system activation and prove the whole body cryo benefit.

  • Stands out for its safety and consistency. 

Whole body therapy with the CryoStar Antarctica Electric shows no variability in nitrogen flow rate, which might be the case with open-head cryo chambers. Nitrogen vapors don’t


come in contact with the body of our customers and are not breathed in. Instead, chilled

oxygenated air cools down all body parts evenly and fast. Your most cold-sensitive spots are activated while you are breathing fresh air!

Healing Cryotherapy Effects


Cold treatments have been used by people for ages for pain relief, and to target

 inflammation. Due to modern technology, we have managed to expand and deepen the effects of cooling procedures. The overall body condition dictates the efficiency and longevity of cryo benefits. However, all clients observe general enhancement in well-being, fat dissipation, and skin rejuvenation.

Pain Control

During the procedure, muscles relax and restore. Blood and lymph circulation improves, bringing more nutrients and oxygen in.

Resilience and power

The increase in collagen production is responsible for making joints, muscles and bones stronger and more resilient.

Skin rejuvenation

Higher collagen levels are also in charge of better toned, elastic and tight skin with less wrinkes and cellulite manifestations.

Fat killing

An accelerated metabolism encourages a faster and easier calorie spending, which is beneficial in the elimination of adipose tissue.

Mental health

Sound hormone balance facilitated by cryo effects has a positive action on spirits taking off depression signs, excess anxiety and insomnia.

How Does The Cryotherapy Work?

Whole body therapy may be extensively used to target many conditions. No wonder it is so popular in the industries that are on the upswing:

  • Rehabilitation,
  • Spa,
  • Beauty sector,
  • Sports rehab,
  • Dermatology,
  • Neurology,
  • Retreats,
  • Health promotion,
  • Manual medicine,
  • Holistic medicine.

Applications for cryotherapy treatments:

Athletes. The electric Cryostar Antarctica whole body cryotherapy accelerates recovery processes and increases muscle power, improving the general resilience and optimizing body building efforts. This

 chamber is extremely beneficial for athletes who wish to grow their muscles and gain strength.

Those with chronic pain:
Thanks to the optimized blood and lymph flow, and facilitated collagen production, muscles and joints, it is advantageous for people who receive cryotherapy due to it’s antiinflammatory effects.

Weight loss: Slimming down becomes a much easier process with cryotherapy because of it’s enhanced hormone balance and increases the metabolism.

Mental Health:
Whether one is suffering from depression, chronic stress, anxiety or sleep deprivation, cryo treatments may help get rid of these adverse conditions, thanks to hormone release combined with an improved blood supply to the brain.

Skin conditions:
Cell activation and restoration of impaired blood and lymph flow, increases collagen production and balances hormones. This all makes for better skin. No matter if you have acne, eczema, lack of tone or lack of elasticity.

Anti-aging treatments:
Short, powerful sessions in cryo chambers help support a youthful look with bright skin and smooth, sub-skin tissue, from facial wrinkles to resistant local cellulite. Cryotherapy does a great job making your body firmer and leaner.

Immune Builder:
The healing combined of the Cryostar Antarctica whole body chamber features is worthwhile to encourage a healthy immune response. Viable cells are getting stronger, while weak cells die and strengthens one’s health. The number of cells grows in the body, making you more adaptive in dangerous environments, fighting viruses and unhealthy cells.

CryoStar Antarctica Whole Body Chamber Features

Safety, Our WBC chamber ensures the highest degree of safety for our customers. The client’s airways or skin never experience contact with nitrogen, only fresh, breathable, extremely cold air, thanks to the utilization of an innovative system separating gases.

Consistent temperature, Our premium technology of cold air diffusion spreads the cooling air masses uniformly in the cabin, so that the body parts of our customer are cooled simultaneously and evenly.

Ergonomic design, Our designers did their best to combine spacious interior, and maximally compact chamber’s outer dimensions. The outcome is a large cabin for comfortable cryo sessions, embodied in an appliance which would easily fit in most facilities, whether it is commercial or private.

Large screen, We supply our CryoStar Antarctica Whole Body Chamber with a bright 10” touch screen mounted next to the door for better process monitoring and easy adjustment of cryotherapy parameters.

User-friendly interface, The parameters, tips and instructions that land on the monitor are very clear and well-readable. Design for a better setting and control. A launch and maintenance of cryo chamber has never been so easy

The fully electric Antarctica whole body cryotherapy chamber does not use nitrogen to use in the cooling process. Reduced pre-cooling time is up to 60 minutes to make a more convenient operation time.




Additional features of our Electric cryotherapy chambers:


Glass door:

For your comfort, we have provided a large glass door with a convenient door step. This is made of high quality, frosted glass, which gives the door a stylish look, and offering the best customer experience.

Sound System:

The Cryostar Antarctica whole body chamber, has a built-in, premium sound system to play relaxing music during your treatment. Thanks to the high adjustability of the machine, you can also upload your own tracks for a more personalized session.

Communication with the operator:

The audio system also includes a microphone, to ensure that our clients are heard during their cryotherapy procedure. This two-way communication provides even more comfort and safety during the sessions.

Auto-dry system:

We don’t want moisture and bacteria to accumulate in the chamber, so we have created a self-drying system. It has built-in air pumps to dry out the interior of the cabin, with fast and secure warm air. This feature also helps preserve the service life of the cryotherapy chamber.

An updated, electric cryotherapy unit:


Luxury materials

Our clients not only get the best possible treatment results, but also enjoy the cryotherapy process. Relying on the first-class interior finish of the CryoStar Antarctica chamber, combined with the spacious cabin, a comfortable cryo procedure is guaranteed.


The cryo chamber has preset programs you can choose from. For a more tailored user experience, the operator may use the screen to adjust the cryo session as needed.

Remote control

The Cryostar Antarctica uses a smart technology for enhanced control and process

 monitoring. A WiFi connection allows you to start and stop the session, adjust the parameters, or deliver any technical assistance remotely.
For more information on the electric Cryostar Antarctica whole body cryotherapy chamber, feel free to reach out to our sales team. We are happy to answer all of your questions.

Technical specification

1870mm/73” Simple version and 2230mm/86″ Grand version
Fully electric, not cooled with nitrogen
Cooled by electric compressor
Commercial control panel:
Cold air therapy:
up to -100C/-148F depends on version
Breathable cold air inside
Turbo boosted mode with extended fan speed
Precooling time:
up to 60min
Simple version:
Single compressor 110V 70A/240V 35A/400V 25A 1 or 3 phases
Grand version:
Dual compressors 208V 50A/400V 25A 3 phases
Double glass thermal insulated
Sounds and projector lights inside optionally
Cooling system
versions with Air cooling (min room size and air in/out required), Water cooling (plumbing required), Water chiller (extra space outside and special installation required)
Installation requirements Air cooled version
Room Size
Min room size from 15m2/150sf, fresh air income blowing at least 5000m2, AC and vent system to keeping room temperature not more than 20C/68F and humidity 30%, install extra fan for vent out heat air, rubber waterproof flooring, contact us for more details.
Installation requirements Water cooled version
Min room size from 12m2/120sf, plumbing installation including water and drain line, cold water supply up 1.5m3/h, contact us for more details
Installation requirements Water Chiller
Outside temperature up to +35C/95F, pipe connection line, outside space to install chiller, special power and water refill supply, contact us for more details
Extra technical requirements
Please contact our team to check technical availabilities to locate such equipment
Specification version
Water cooling version, air cooling version, chiller version


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