AirWaves Room Air Purifier


AirWaves Room Air Purifier

AirWaves Room Air Purifier – A high-powered Room Air Purifier, the ZAP is designed to eliminate offending odors replacing with clean, fresh air.

Internal to the ZAP is a 30 CFM fan and two ultraviolet (UV) ozone lamps. Designed to achieve high levels of ozone concentration within an area, the ZAP is not to be used in the presence of people or animals.


  • Odor and smoke control
  • Mold remediation
  • Fire and smoke damage remediation
  • Odor control for motor vehicle reconditioning and detailing



  • Light weight
  • Portable – Easy to transport
  • 30 CFM Fan
  • Timer controlled – constant “On” or 0-60 Minutes



    • Eliminates common household odors
    • Freshens stale air
    • Time controlled for unoccupied operation
 *The ZAP is solely used for industrial use. Potential health hazard: emits ozone. The ZAP can only be sold to industrial or commercial professionals.


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