AirSep VisionAir

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AirSep VisionAir

AirSep VisionAire 2, 3 & 5


AirSEp VisionAire 3 and 5 are the lightest, quietest, most power-efficient stationary oxygen concentrators on the market.

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Offering up to 3 LPM and 5 LPM, respectively, the VisionAire 3 and 5 are available with an optional oxygen monitor and an optional air outlet for nebulizer treatments.

VisionAire 2 supports pediatric care with two types of flowmeters. The standard flowmeter has 1/8 LPM increments up to 2 LPM and is suitable for adult use where lower power consumption and cooler operating temperatures are valued. The alternative flowmeter has 1/10 increments up to 1.0 LPM.

AirSep VisionAir Family concentrators are maintenance free and feature a compact, lightweight cabinet design.

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