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33″ Hyperbaric Chambers Military & First Responders

33″ Hyperbaric Chambers Military & First Responders



 Hyperbaric Chambers Military & First Responders

Military and First Responders we salute you for your sacrifice and service.  For your bravery, courage and service we are offering you a discounted rate a hyperbaric chamber for you.  One of our best chambers that are ones that military and first responders use a lot is 33″ Hyperbaric Chambers Military & First Responders.

This amazing chamber is the most economical and versatile of all. The chamber due to its small footprint is perfect for your home, apartment or office. It can accommodate either one adult or a young child.

*Must have proof of service!*

  • Military ID
  • DD 214
  • Current First Responders ID (Police, Fire, EMT)

Chamber Highlights:  

  • Incredibly bright interior, One super quiet compressors
  • Ease of use for self-treatments, Side entry for easy access
  • Pressurizes and depressurizes with the touch of a button
  • Energy efficient design – uses only 250 watts of power
  • Brand new, with one year warranty and 7-day money back guarantee

 Manufactured by one of the world’s leading portable hyperbaric chamber manufacturers This fantastic chamber includes:  

  • 3 large viewing windows
  • 2 total valves: 1 Inflation and 1 Auxiliary valve
  • Airtight two-way zipper
  • Carbon filter
  • 2 Compressors
  • 2 Inflatable Bolsters
  • Pressure gauge
  • Travel bag

33″ Hyperbaric Chambers Military & First Responders Technical Specifications:

  • 33″ diameter
  • 7 feet in length
  • 4 psi (1.3 ATA)

$7,500 / $5,495 (Military Dive)

If you are not in the military or a first responder please do not ask for the discount.  This is only reserved for our brave men and woman that sacrifice and serve you and they deserve the discount.

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