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31″ Seal Hyperbaric Chamber

31″ Seal Hyperbaric Chamber



Newtowne Hyperbarics

31″ SEAL MILD Hyperbaric Chamber

Newtowne Hyperbarics SEAL MILD Hyperbaric Chamber has once again set a new industry standard with the introduction of the Seal Mild Hyperbaric Chamber.  This home/office mild hyperbaric chamber boasts a new entry system featuring a pressure activated face-to-face Omni-environmental barrier. Advanced materials and next generation design have led to a chamber that is both safe and easy to use. Safety features include redundant metal pressure relief valves, dual security zippers, welded construction, and e port covers. Newtowne Hyperbarics is so confident in this product’s strength and durability we are offering an unprecedented 2-year warranty on this extraordinary mild hyperbaric chamber.

Newtowne Hyperbarics SEAL MILD Hyperbaric Chamber include:

  • heavy duty, double-laminated ballistic grade nylon material
  • Four Large View Ports
  • Exclusive Port Pressure covers for strength, safety, and peace of mind (prevents “bug eye” effect when pressurized)
  • Easily readable pressure gauge
  • Airtight seal is a pressure activated face-to-face FDA Grade Omni-environmental barrier2 security zippers.
  • Welded bulkheads and construction (no glues or fumes)
  • Two 4 psi. preset automatic pressure relief valves (metal – not plastic!)
  • Anti-Roll Foam Stabilizers
  • Heavy PVC frame
  • Quiet compressor w/ 10 ft. hose & connections
  • 4” Fortis foam mattress w/disinfectable cover
  • 31×91
  • 2 Year warranty

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