To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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30D 2.0 ATA Hyperbaric Chamber


30″ Hard Shell  2.0 ATA Hyperbaric Chamber

  • Prescription or Medical License Needed
  • 3 Yr. Warranty
  • Manufacture Support in the US
  • Perfect for Healthcare Office
  • Comes with Oxygen Concentrator, Air Cooler, and Advanced Compressor
  • International Sales Only

Experience the ultimate dive with our 30-inch 2.0 ATA hyperbaric hard chamber. Delve to the depths equivalent to 33 ft underwater while breathing high-volume, high-percentage oxygen. Benefit from unparalleled tissue oxygen penetration and blood plasma infusion, supported by extensive research at 2 ATA pressure. Embraced as our best-seller, this chamber offers versatility with progressive controls, allowing selection from 5 individual pressures. Manage interior comfort at 2 ATA with our dual-action air conditioning system.

Life Force hyperbarics hard chambers prioritize safety, durability, comfort, and ease of entry/exit, featuring advanced options. Ideal for practitioners or home users seeking an advanced hyperbaric therapy system, it offers higher pressurization and simplified single-user operation. Simply power up, step inside, and initiate therapeutic sessions with the push of a button. Clients of all sizes will appreciate the spacious design and luxurious experience for everyday, all-day use.

Our 30-inch hard chamber, designed for optimal versatility, effortlessly fits through almost any US doorway. Operating at 2 ATA or 100 kPa, our steel hyperbaric chamber enables treatment at pressures up to 15 psi, allowing breathing at levels of up to 95% oxygen.

The All-in-One Air/Oxygen system ensures comfort and ease of use. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, we’ve integrated innovative features, including a base negative ionization system and noiseless pressure relief valves, minimizing operational sound to as low as 68 dB. For added luxury, an optional Air Conditioning system is available.

Our hardshell hyperbaric chamber addresses common challenges associated with private practice use. With no need for costly installation, it is compact and user-friendly, making it ideal for practices with limited space. Operating costs are minimal, with electricity being the only consumable.

Key Features and Free Inclusions:
– Internal control panel for single-person operation.
– Easy-slide large polycarbonate cabin door with automatic release upon de-pressurization.
– Automatic air pressure system for sealed doors.
– All-in-one machine, including a 10 Liter/minute Oxygen generator, Dehumidifier, and air compressor.
– Digital display and control systems for monitoring interior Pressure, Air Temperature, Humidity, and Percent Oxygenation.
– Interior and exterior pressure gauges.
– Timer on digital control for automatic session programming.
– Communication interphone with attendant alerting.
– Grounding Mat for a static-free session.
– Oxygen breathing headsets, nasal cannulas, and face-masks for 95% oxygen treatment.
– Expansion port for connecting secondary devices or future upgrades.
– Negative ION UNIT for enhanced treatment, providing a relaxing experience similar to fresh air on a beach, promoting the body’s self-renewal process and enhancing immune cell vitality.

Product Description:

Introducing our 30-inch Hyperbaric Hard Shell Oxygen Chamber, designed for an unparalleled therapeutic experience. Priced at $38,490.00, this chamber offers groundbreaking features for optimal comfort and effectiveness.

Key Features:
– Dimensions: 30″Diameter | **Pressure:** 2 ATA | **Material:** 2.5 mm thick 304 Grade Stainless Steel
– Window:10mm thick Polycarbonate from Bayer Germany, mounted on Heavy steel rods with ball-bearing rollers
– Control: Incremental pressurization and depressurization control
– Safety: Interior & Exterior Emergency pressure Relief valve, Can be operated without assistance
– Interior Features:** Lighting & Alarm System, Incremental auto-controlled session time up to 2 hours by Timer
– Options: Progressive control feature for specific pressure, Warranty: 3 Years

All-In-One Oxygen Concentrator:
– Weight: 176 lbs | Power: 1200 Watt | Size: 30″ L x 18″ W x 28″ H
– Features: 15 LPM Total Oxygen Flow, ≥95% Oxygen Purity, Integrated Dehumidifier, Two continuous flow oxygen generators

Total System Weight: 572 lbs | **Total System Watts:** 1200 Watt | **Voltage:** 110v-120v (220V available upon request)

Enhance Cooling System AC Unit:
– Weight: 67 lbs | Power: 550 Watt | Size: 13″W x 16″L x 22″H
– Features: Temp. Range(℃): -5~30 (Water)

Grounding System:
– **Feature:** Provides safety in a highly oxygenated environment

Free Inclusions:
– Internal control panel for single-person operation
– Easy-slide large polycarbonate cabin door
– Automatic air pressure system sealing the door
– All-in-one machine (Oxygen generator, Dehumidifier, and air compressor)
– Digital display for monitoring Pressure, Air Temperature, Humidity, and Percent Oxygenation
– Interior and exterior pressure gauges
– Timer on digital control for automatic programming
– Communication interphone with attendant alerting
– Grounding Mat for a static-free session
– Oxygen breathing headsets, nasal cannulas, and facemasks for 95% oxygen treatment
– Expansion port for future upgrades
– Negative ION UNIT for enhanced treatment

Optional Add-ons:
– Air Conditioning system for extended cooling comfort

International Sales:
We offer international sales with systems tailored to your voltage and plug type requirements.

A Positive Patient Experience:
– Comfortable interior design with a large window to minimize claustrophobia
– Optional Air Conditioning system for optimal temperature control
– Padded interior with a soft mattress and pillow
– Dim interior light for relaxation during the standard 60-90 minute sessions

For Practitioners:
– User-friendly control station for easy operation
– Low noise levels (52 dB) and silent pressure release valves
– Easily controlled sessions lasting 60-90 minutes

Emergency & Preventative Measures:
– Equipped with safety features including gradual pressurization, emergency alarm, relief valve, intercom, easy entry/exit, grounding mat, and more.

Operational Costs:
– No consumables required, only electricity (39 cents per hour)
– Warranty: 36 months for materials and workmanship

Discussion of Dr. Louis Hilliard:
– Explains the safety aspects, oxygen molecule penetration, and benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

**Q & A Safety Question:**
– Addresses the need for firewalls, clarifying the system’s oxygen management to ensure room safety.

**Q & A Oxygen Molecules Penetration:**
– Explains how oxygen molecules shrink under pressure, facilitating deeper tissue penetration and enhanced healing.

Feel free to call 1-770-948-4511 for any questions or explore financing options for this cutting-edge Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber!

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