To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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30 D 1.5 Hard Shell Chamber


30″ Hard Shell  1.5 ATA Hyperbaric Chamber

  • Prescription or Medical License Needed
  • 3 Yr. Warranty
  • Manufacture Support in the US
  • Perfect for Healthcare Office
  • Comes with Oxygen Concentrator, Air Cooler, and Advanced Compressor
  • International Sales Only

The 30-inch hyperbaric hard chamber is a new size developed specifically for the USA market to fit through a 35 inch door. The unit is priced as a value to other products in this price range. In fact, we have no competition in the hyperbaric hard chamber space with this 34-inch diameter incredibly well-crafted system and customized to fit through most American doors but maximizing on size to provide plenty of room even for the largest customers. Life Force hard chambers are designed for safety, durability, comfort, and ease of entry and exit along with many more advanced features. This hyperbaric hard chamber system is designed for practitioners or home users who want a more advanced system that allows for higher pressurization but is safe to operate and easy to install and maintain. Our hyperbaric therapy system and that also provides simplified single-user operation from the interior of the chamber. Just power it up, get inside, and hit the button to start your amazing therapeutic session. Clients of all shapes and sizes will love this system for its expansive roominess and the luxury it can provide in an environment of everyday and all-day usage.

The 30 Inch Hard chamber is a sure fit for all sizes with advanced features that provides 1.5 ATA or 52 kPa. The patented Air/Oxygen /Dehumidifier system provides an all-in-one solution with comfort in mind. We optionally have a powerful Air Conditioning system that we recommend to all customers as air does warm up as it is pressurized and our bodies generally give off a substantial amount of heat during treatments.

The large, 30” Hyperbaric chamber made from 304-grade stainless steel is sure to fit through most doorways, is highly versatile, and allows physicians to treat at up to 1.5 ATA (7 psi.) pressure. The combination of our chamber and specially selected equipment allows breathing at up to 95% oxygen levels.

We continually strive to improve an already incredible product by adding new features such as our negative ionization system now integrated as a base feature. We have recently made available noiseless pressure relief valves that significantly reduce the sound produced by hyperbaric operations which can be as high as 68 dB.  We also, provide the option to integrate an Air Conditioning system for those who require this enjoyable amenity.


The hard shell hyperbaric chamber mitigates a number of the negatives associated with their use in private practice. There is no need for costly installation, and our chamber itself is quite compact – perfect for practices already short on space. The chamber is simple to operate and has a very low operating cost, the only consumable being electricity.

Free Inclusions
We understand our customers. Medical equipment needs to work from day 1, which is why we include everything required to operate the chamber smoothly, ensuring a positive experience for both physician and patient.

Internal control panel allows for single-person operation from the inside of the unit.
Easy-slide large polycarbonate cabin door for easy access. Activated by pressure, with automatic release upon de-pressurization.
The automatic air pressure system, the door is sealed by pressure.
All- in- one-machine:(included  10 Liter/minute Oxygen generator, Dehumidifier, and air compressor)
Digital display and control systems allow the practitioner to see current interior Pressure, Air Temperature, Humidity, and  Percent Oxygenation.
Interior and exterior pressure gauges.
The timer on digital control allows automatic programming of session time.
Communication interphone with attendant alerting.
Grounding Mat for a static free session.
Oxygen breathing headsets, nasal cannulas, and facemasks for ability to treat at 95% oxygen.
Expansion port allows for secondary devices to be connected or allows for future upgrades of other alternative devices if required.
Negative ION UNIT to enhance treatment. Due to the addition of the negative ion device, our customers can experience the relaxing benefit of fresh air similar to being on a beach.  This option would allow customers to receive pure oxygen containing negative ions at high pressure and promote the body’s self-renewal process; enhance the vitality of immune cells.
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