To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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Newtowne Hyperbaric Chambers for Sale

newtowne hyperbaricsThe Atlanta Hyperbaric Center offers Newtowne Hyperbaric Chambers for sale, which have been used for home and clinical use for almost 20 years. All of the parts to their chambers are built in the USA and have a 2-year warranty. Our team is proud to offer the best Newtowne hyperbaric chambers for sale, ideal for doctors, healthcare professionals, and athletes.

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Their class 4 chamber has been around since their inception and has withstood the test of time. These chambers have a 100% safety record and are built to last for many years. In our team’s years of inspecting and brokering the sales of used chambers, these chambers are not only optimally-manufactured but have incredible resale value.

The materials used in the Newtowne Hyperbaric Chambers for sale at Atlanta Hyperbaric Center are superior in all aspects of mild hyperbaric chambers and they are far superior in every way to counterpart that may be up to three times the cost.

Let’s start with the hypoallergenic vinyl material. The thickness is amazing, and the gage is much thicker than any competition in the market. “You can visually see and feel the difference.” Most important, the intake valve is an open valve that you can literally put a pencil through. This is a great thing to look for when buying a chamber. All of their valves, gauges, and frames are made of metal.

Combining these industry-only aspects ensures that this chamber will last longer than any on the market, rendering them ideal for doctors, healthcare facilities, and athletes.

These chambers are very relaxing with quiet compressors and an external frame.  So you don’t have to worry about the body rub of a metal internal frame that becomes annoying and painful during your session.  The frames are made of this aluminum pipe that will withstand wear and tear for years to come.  

Newtown Hyperbarics is committed to their customers all of their chambers have a 2 year warranty and they offer support 4 days a week.  

All of their chambers can position it for top or side entrance for customer convenience and accessibility.  This chamber also comes with a 4” think mat that is a plus when doing long sessions.   

Zipper construction is unlike no other.  All chambers have 3 zippers that require no lubrication.  One that is airtight and with the other two offers extra strength.  Never buy a chamber with two zippers; you will just be asking for trouble over time.  

Their chambers come is three sizes 

  • 27” Class 4
  • 34” Class 4
  • 40” Class 4
  • 52” Walk In

The length of chambers range from 7 ft to 9 ft.  

The Newtowne hyperbaric chambers for sale at Atlanta Hyperbaric Center are one of the best built chambers in the market bar none.  Their safety record speaks for itself. The attention to quality materials put this chamber at the top. I would recommend this chamber to anyone that plans to buy a chamber and keep it for years to come because it will last for many many years.

Benefits of Buying a Newtowne Hyperbaric Chamber From Us

Atlanta Hyperbaric Center has Newtowne Hyperbaric Chambers for sale and is the number one dealer in Newtowne Hyperbarics in the country, suitable for home use or in a clinical setting to promote enhanced recovery by increasing oxygen absorption into the body. Since hyperbaric chambers play such a crucial role in the healing and recovery process, buyers need to partner with the very best — and the team at Atlanta Hyperbaric Center is proud to hold that role!

Each Newtowne hyperbaric chamber for sale comes standard with a two-year warranty. This ensures our customers get the highest value! In addition to the warranty, buyers get direct access to Dr. Louis Hilliard, our in-house specialist, for one free success coaching and health screening phone call.

In clinical practice, nothing is more frustrating than investing scarce financial resources into equipment, only to realize later on the equipment fails to offer all the benefits you need. Purchasing a Newtowne hyperbaric chamber for sale from us eradicates the possibility of this frustration. This is because professional advice from Dr. Hilliard will help you find the right equipment for your clinic.

We offer superb services with our Newtowne hyperbaric chambers for sale, including free online training and online coaching. We guarantee to match or beat any price! We provide fast shipping in the U.S.

Dr. Louis Hilliard has over 15 years of clinical experience and works with healthcare facilities all over the country. Our motto is: “your success is our success.”  We provide services that will help you and your staff build a office and life with purpose.

  • Fast shipping between 5-10 days
  • Oxygen concentrators sold separately and in stock
  • Made in the USA with 2 yr. warranty
  • Free online training

Contact Us for the Best Newtowne Hyperbaric Chambers for Sale

We offer fast shipping of both new and used hyperbaric chambers for sale, including Newtowne. To learn more about the history, proper use, operation techniques, and more valuable information as it pertains to our Newtowne hyperbaric chambers for sale, we invite you to sign up for our hyperbaric training courses! To learn more about the best Newtowne hyperbaric chambers for sale and how they benefit everyone from doctors to athletes, contact us today.

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