To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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Atlanta Hyperbaric Center: we have been the leading reseller of hyperbaric chambers for over 15 yrs.  Dr. Louis Hilliard has helped thousands of families and health care professionals choose and purchase the right chamber for their needs.  AHC has new hyperbaric chambers for sale, as well as used Hyperbaric chambers.  All of our chambers come with a warranty.  Our service is unmatched by no other.  We offer training, business coaching, and sell your chambers when you’re finished. Explore competitive HBOT chamber prices today

Mild Hyperbaric Chambers

Mild hyperbaric chambers offer a newer type of hyperbaric oxygen therapy which pressurizes the air in the vessel 1 to 1.5 times normal atmospheric pressure.

These chambers can be operated by a single person within or outside the chamber.  You will need a prescription or medical license to purchase a hyperbaric chamber 

Mild hyperbaric chambers consist of:

  • A medical-grade ballistic vinyl bag
  • Controls that can be operated from inside and outside
  • A valve to control pressure
  • An automatic pressure release feature Pressure gauge
  • Pressure release valves
  • Bolsters and stabilizers
  • Zippers and buckles
  • A frame made from metal or PVC

Currently, mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been approved by the FDA to treat acute mountain sickness, which is a form of altitude sickness. Mild Hyperbaric chambers are ideally suited for personal use in homes or office settings.  Here are just a few examples of the new hyperbaric chambers for sale:

Summit to Sea Hyperbaric Chambers

Summit To Sea: Is an American manufacturer Who Are the Industry’s Top Manufacturers of Hyperbaric Chambers, With over 35 years of experience in the industry, Summit to Sea delivers innovative technology and reasonable prices with their high-quality hyperbaric chambers. The company’s line of products features bright, ergonomically-designed chambers that are silent, easy to enter and
exit, and have safety belts. Not only does Summit to Sea provide discounts for military veterans and immediate family members, but they also offer unparalleled customer support and service.

Summit to Sea Hyperbaric Chamber, features several types of chambers and chamber styles, including:

  • 26” Shallow Dive
  • 33” Dive
  • 33” Military Dive
  • 40” Grand Dive
  • 40” Vertical Dive
  • 60” Vertical Grand Dive
  • Grand Dive Pro
  • Grand Dive Pro Plus/ Wheelchair

Newtown Hyperbarics:

Built in the US and featuring a two-year warranty and over 20 years in the industry, hyperbaric chambers from Newtown Hyperbaric are second to none. Not only are they affordable, but each chamber is constructed from thick and durable hypoallergenic vinyl. When it comes to convenience, accessibility, and reasonable prices, Newtown Hyperbaric’s  set the standard for the hyperbaric chamber industry. They offer hyperbaric vessels in three sizes ranging from seven to nine feet:

  • 27” Class 4
  • 34” Class 4
  • 40” Class 4
  • 52” WalkIn / Wheelchair
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Hyperbaric Chamber Price

Hyperbaric chamber prices start from $4,000 and can go up to $10 million. The prices of hyperbaric chambers depend on their type, size, and features. Prices also vary based on the condition of the chamber; for example, new hyperbaric chambers are more expensive compared to used Hyperbaric chambers. At Atlanta Hyperbaric Chamber, you will find all types of hyperbaric chambers for sale.

Home and portable hyperbaric chamber prices are more affordable. For example, the 27″ Mild Hyperbaric Chamber costs $4,495.00, and the 26″ Shallow Dive Hyperbaric Chamber is priced at $6,995.00. Single-patient models, known as monoplace hyperbaric chambers, are more expensive, ranging from $10,000 to over $90,000. For instance, the 40” Grand Dive Hyperbaric Chamber is priced at $12,995.00 on Atlanta hyperbaric chamber dealer websites. The most expensive are multiplace chambers, which can treat multiple patients and often cost over $100,000, making them common in medical facilities. High-end models, such as the Perry Baromedical Sigma 40 Monoplace, offer advanced features and typically require a custom quote.

Best New Hyperbaric Chambers for Sale

Atlanta Hyperbaric Center is the number one dealer in hyperbaric chambers in the country, suitable for home use or in a clinical setting to enhance recovery by increasing oxygen absorption into the body. The importance of hyperbaric chambers in the healing and recovery process means that buyers should always buy from the best of the best — the Atlanta Hyperbaric Center. We offer each chamber with a two-year warranty to ensure our customers always get value for their money when they purchase from us. In addition to the warranty, buyers of our chambers get direct access to our in-house specialist, Dr. Louis Hilliard, for one free success coaching and health screening phone call.

In clinical practice, there is nothing more frustrating than investing scarcely available financial resources in vital equipment for your practice only to realize later that the equipment does not offer all the benefits and services you seek. Purchasing a hyperbaric chamber from us eradicates the possibility of this frustration. This is because professional advice from Dr. Hilliard will help you find the right equipment for your clinic with fast shipping in the U.S.

Benefits of Buying a New Hyperbaric Chamber

Buying a new hyperbaric chamber offers numerous advantages. From being able to outfit your facility with the preferred brand and size chambers, anticipate little to no maintenance issues at the onset, and enjoy the general peace of mind that comes with a unit in pristine condition, our new hyperbaric chambers for sale are ideal. Our new chambers for sale provide the best hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOC) solutions for doctors and healthcare facilities. Additionally, our chambers are suitable for athletes seeking optimal performance, with competitive hyperbaric chamber for athletes cost.

We have many high-quality new hyperbaric chambers for sale at affordable prices, including lay down, upright, white or blue, new or used hyperbaric chambers. If you are looking for a new hyperbaric chamber for sale that comes with fast shipping in the U.S., the search is over!

Please note: Mild hyperbaric chambers are a Class II Medical Device and require a prescription.

Process of Buying a New Hyperbaric Chamber

Our team makes the process of buying a new hyperbaric chamber streamlined and user-friendly. Browse our product pages to gain more insight into units you’re interested in and to view high-resolution images, essential specifications, comparison charts, financing options, and other pertinent information that can help in your decision-making process. While we’ve made shopping for the best new hyperbaric chambers for sale intuitive as ever, there are certain things to keep in mind when you’re thinking about purchasing, such as gathering the proper documentation, knowing your budget, and ensuring you move forward with a chamber that’s right for your needs.

Reach out to our team with any questions regarding your hyperbaric chamber purchase. We’re proud to offer phone and email support, as well as fast shipping within the U.S.

Contact Us to Buy New Hyperbaric Chambers for Sale

If you’re looking for new hyperbaric chambers for sale, turn to no other than Atlanta Hyperbaric Center! We invite you to learn more about our hyperbaric chambers from varying manufacturers, including Newtowne and Summit to Sea. Want to learn more about how to use your hyperbaric chamber safely and efficiently? Check out our hyperbaric training courses!

There’s a reason we are the #1 choice for doctors, healthcare professionals, and athletes. Ready to find out why? For more information about our new or used hyperbaric chambers for sale, reach out to our team today!

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