To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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Full Body Cryosaunas & Machines

Cryotherapy is rapidly becoming one of the most popular pain relief options on the modern market. Rather than using chemicals to trick your body into ignoring the pain you feel, this sort of treatment targets the source, deadening nerves so that they can’t be irritated. Those recovering from injuries, playing sports, and living with conditions like arthritis are able to improve their lives dramatically with treatments like this, and this is where our Full Body Cryosaunas come in.

What Are Full Body Cryotherapy Saunas?

Full Body Cryosaunas are machines designed to expose your whole body to sub-zero temperatures (usually between -100 degrees celsius and -160 degrees celsius). Your patient will step inside the booth, and you can use the controls to ensure their treatment is tailored to their exact needs. Unlike smaller cryotherapy machines, these cryosaunas are not designed to be moved around.

Why Choose A Full Body Cryosauna?

Full Body Cryotherapy Saunas are a good choice for a number of reasons. To start, they can target pain throughout the body rather than simply focusing on a single point. They are easy to use, comfortable for your patient, and can make your practice feel far more professional, all while making treatments take no time at all.

What Cryotherapy Saunas Do We Offer?

Here at Atlanta Hyperbaric Center, we’ve worked extremely hard to develop a range of machines that can meet the needs of both personal and professional users. Many of our Full Body Cryosaunas use liquid nitrogen to provide their cooling, while our Cryo Air range is designed to run entirely on electricity.

We strongly recommend that you get in touch with our dedicated team before buying a Full Body Cryosauna for your business. Our friendly experts are always happy to answer questions, and we work hard to give you all of the information you need to find success with cryotherapy.

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