To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

To buy a hyperbaric chamber requires a prescription or medical documentation

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Electric Cryotherapy Machines

Cryotherapy has gained a lot of attention over the last couple of decades. Electric Cryotherapy Machines provide an easy and effective method of pain relief, this type of treatment is an excellent choice for clinics looking to improve the experience their patients receive. Using freezing temperatures to deaden irritated nerves on a local level, cryotherapy is able to provide long-term pain relief that doesn’t require medication, all by stopping the pain where it starts. These machines use electricity to produce their cooling, rather than relying on liquid nitrogen.


Electric Cryotherapy Chambers

Electric cryotherapy machines are booths that are able to provide freezing across the whole body. This will usually be done at temperatures ranging from -100 degrees celsius to -160 degrees celsius, exposing the whole body and providing relief across the board. This is ideal for those engaged in heavy exercise, but it can also be perfect for people experiencing pain in large areas of their bodies. We offer three different cryotherapy chambers in different sizes; the Cryo One, Cryo One+, and the Cryo Air Flex.


Electric Cryotherapy Chambers

Our smaller electric cryotherapy machines are just as powerful as their larger counterparts, but are designed to be portable and offer a localized treatment. Coming with a hose attached that is used to direct the cold air being produced, these machines make it possible to pinpoint and target the specific area that is causing your patient’s pain. Not only does this make the procedure fast, but it also makes it more comfortable for your patient. These machines come in three varieties; the Cryo Air Mini Premium, Cryo Air C200, and Cryo Air C600.


All of our electric cryo machines are design to:


  • Provide an easy and rapid treatment
  • Offer long-lasting reliability
  • Give patients a good experience
  • Be affordable and simple to buy

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