Used Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers for Sale

*All used chambers are recertified by our certified hyperbaric tech and the manufacturer.*

Do not buy a used hyperbaric chamber that has not been recertified first.

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Is it Safe to Buy a Used Hyperbaric Chamber?

I hope to answer this question to help you make the best choice. When considering buying a used hyperbaric chamber there are several points to take into consideration before buying. Buying a used hyperbaric chamber can be a nightmare for some and a huge money saver for others. Hello, my name is Dr. Louis Hilliard show you how to choose the best used hyperbaric chamber.

When shopping for a used hyperbaric chamber you need to do your due diligence and research what you are buying and where are you buying from. You need to understand that this is a medical device and it can be dangerous if it is not inspected by a manufacturer trained hyperbaric technician.

Do not buy a used hyperbaric chamber from a private seller. Now more than ever people are selling their used hyperbaric chambers on the black market, using various platforms to do it in (eBay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and more), not collecting medical records, device tracking, or ownership. There is no way for federal agencies to track data and people could be putting the public in danger. Untrained people that sell their used chambers could be breaking the law.

Why Buy a Used Hyperbaric Chamber From Us?

Atlanta Hyperbaric Center is the number one dealer in old hyperbaric chambers in the country, which are suitable for home use or in a clinical setting to enhance recovery by increasing oxygen absorption into the body. The importance of hyperbaric chambers in the healing and recovery process means that buyers should always buy from the best of the best, the Atlanta Hyperbaric Center. We offer each chamber with a two-year warranty to ensure our customers always get value for their money when they purchase from us. In addition to the warranty, buyers of our chambers get direct access to our in-house specialist, Dr. Louis Hilliard, for one free success coaching and health screening phone call.

In clinical practice, there is nothing more frustrating than investing scarcely available financial resources in vital equipment for your practice only to realize later that the equipment does not offer all the benefits and services you seek. Purchasing a used hyperbaric chamber from us eradicates the possibility of this frustration. This is because professional advice from Dr. Hilliard will help you find the right equipment for your clinic.

Used Hyperbaric Chambers Go Through a 21 Point Inspection

We ensure you get a safe, reliable hyperbaric chamber.

All of our used hyperbaric chambers for sale come with a 30 money back guarantee. So If you are looking for a used hyperbaric chamber for sale look no further.

Take a look below at our large selection of used hyperbaric oxygen chambers for sale.  We also offer free consultations if you are undecided between a used and new hyperbaric chamber.

Just give us a call at 770-948-4511 and we will be happy to educate and talk through the decision with you.

We guarantee to match or beat any price.

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