Summit to Sea Hyperbaric Chambers

The thought of owning a Hyperbaric Chamber seemed out of reach and tremendously expensive. Until now. Summit To Sea is a leading manufacture of mild hyperbaric chambers. Summit to sea delivers a level of quality along with an innovative approach that puts these chambers in your hands at the most reasonable price for the first time in history. Summit To Sea has made this dream a reality.

Summit to Sea Hyperbaric Chambers has raised the bar in mild hyperbaric chamber construction and performance. With over 35 years of hyperbaric chamber experience.

Summit to Sea started in 2007 partnering with companies throughout the world combining over 35 years of experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of hyperbaric chambers. They brought a line of innovations that has totally changed the mild hyperbaric market. With all that experience STS has been able to perfect the mild hyperbaric chamber and do so at affordable prices.

We have been working with STS for over 15 years and we are their #1 reseller.

Why Buy a Summit To Sea Hyperbaric Chamber From Us?

Atlanta Hyperbaric Center is the number one dealer for Summit To Sea Hyperbaric Chambers in the country, which are suitable for home use or in a clinical setting to enhance recovery by increasing oxygen absorption into the body. The importance of hyperbaric chambers in the healing and recovery process means that buyers should always buy from the best of the best, the Atlanta Hyperbaric Center.

We offer each chamber with a two-year warranty to ensure our customers always get value for their money when they purchase from us. In addition to the warranty, buyers of our chambers get direct access to our in-house specialist, Dr. Louis Hilliard, for one free success coaching and health screening phone call.

In clinical practice, there is nothing more frustrating than investing scarcely available financial resources in vital equipment for your practice only to realize later that the equipment does not offer all the benefits and services you seek. Purchasing a hyperbaric chamber from us eradicates the possibility of this frustration. This is because professional advice from Dr. Hilliard will help you find the right equipment for your clinic.

We offer great services with your chamber: Free Online Training and Online Coaching

• Shipping takes 5-10 days
• Oxygen concentrators sold separately
• Made in the USA with 2 yr. Warranty
• Free online training

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