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Partnership money

The Tier 1 consists of being able to sign in for free to our network so you can participate in our Scientific Studies plan so you can contribute with the Hyperbaric communities

TheTier 2 is based on getting benefits in exchange for direct or indirect investments to Atlanta Hyperbarics with $7000 worth or more and getting access to a 3% discount to all our HBOT products

Tier 3

TheTier 3 is also based on direct or indirect investments for Atlanta Hyperbarics worth $10000 or more so you can get a 10% discount on all of our HBOT products and getting a chance to get our HBOT Educational Material

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All of our partners can buy and sell our products

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This partnership program will allow you to get special discounts once you have invested in the company. You can get a full 10% discount from all the HBOT products in our shop and even get access to our premium educational material