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How Oxygen Heals

oxygen heals

Oxygen is extremely important for sustaining life. It’s actually why we’re here on earth! Oxygen is the basis of all life and something that the body needs all the time. You can live without food or water for days, but without oxygen, your body begins to die after three minutes. Oxygen isn’t just essential for breathing and overall life, but is beneficial in other ways. It also helps our bodies create energy, metabolize fat and carbohydrates, digest food, clean an detoxify our bodies, eradicates bacteria and viruses and much more.

But doctors have not found that pure oxygen can also boost our body’s natural healing process and can promote the growth of new blood vessels in areas that are affected by disease. Some hospitals are now using hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat patients with conditions like diabetic foot ulcers, chronic wounds, bone infections, burns, radiation injury, carbon monoxide poisoning and more. Doctors are realizing that this type of therapy is very powerful in the healing process for some ailments, with some admitting that it’s as helpful as surgery in the right patient.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy isn’t really new and has been used to treat decompression sickness, also known as “then bends,” in divers who surface too fast. But now it’s a mainstream treatment and provided to patients using pressurized mono or multiplace chambers that can hold several patients. While in one of these chambers, patients are given 100% oxygen under atmospheric pressure that’s up to 3x higher than normal. This in turn boosts the amount of oxygen in the body’s blood stream, which stimulates chemicals that promote healing in areas with damaged tissue. It can even help the formation of new blood vessels in one’s body, helping them to fight disease.

It can improve the quality of a patient’s life when traditional medicine doesn’t work. It’s been proven to be beneficial in patients who’ve had a stroke, head injuries, chronic fatigue and cerebral palsy. The treatment is totally safe and performed under medical supervision. And the most common side effect with hyperbaric oxygen therapy is barotrauma to one’s sinuses and ears because of the change in pressure. If you’re considering this form of treatment, give Atlanta Hyperbaric Center a call to learn more about it!

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