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Overlooking Recovery affects your performance

Overlooking Recovery Affects Performance

When it comes to achieving peak athletic condition, most athletes understand that a well-rounded training program is necessary. Particularly a program that stimulates the specific physiological adaptations associated with the type of competition in which the athlete will be engaging. While this is widely understood, many athletes whether they are elite athletes, weekend warriors or young aspiring athletes, overlook the importance of rest as a necessary component of a training program. Through the use of hyperbaric sports medicine and hyperbaric oxygen chamber, the body’s natural healing processes can be enhanced and greater performance can therefore be achieved. More oxygen better performance.

Benefits of Utilizing a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber

Studies have shown, In using a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, athletes are exposed to an environment featuring enhanced pressure, resulting in greater oxygen densities in the blood. The increased concentration of oxygenated blood aids in the recovery of muscle and bone tissue along with aiding in the healing of damaged tendons and joints. As a result of enhanced recovery times, it is possible for athletes to improve both their endurance and their performance. The performance benefits of hyperbaric sports medicine have been so well documented that professional sports teams are utilizing this treatment methodology on a widespread basis

The Issue of Overtraining

It is quite commonplace for athletes at all levels to experience injury due to overtraining. Even if athletes are able to avoid injury, they experience diminishing returns or training plateaus, both of which can be avoided through proper post-workout rest. These practices include using periodization in training methodologies and taking advantage of the most advanced techniques available through hyperbaric sports medicine.

Balance of Effort and Rest Necessary

There is no doubt whatsoever that athletic success requires a great deal of hard work regardless of the athletic endeavor. Athletes who are always maxing out in the weight room or those performing interval track sessions every workout may be working harder than others, but they will not experience success and will ultimately wind up with injuries. Sensible training and proper recovery is an incredibly important component of any training program and hyperbaric oxygen therapies can be an essential part of an improved healing process.

Achieving Exceptional Results Through HBOT

If you are interested in taking your training to the next level or if you have experienced setbacks due to overtraining, it is time to consider focusing more closely on your recovery. Through the use of HBOT, you can ensure that you are thoroughly prepared for any athletic competition so that you are able to perform your best. Dr. Louis Hilliard, DC, is the owner and operator of the Atlanta Hyperbaric Center. He is an experienced competitive athlete and can offer a great deal of assistance when it comes to making sure that you are avoiding injury and performing to the best of your abilities. Let AHC help you reach your goals, perform your best, get you back in the action and keep you in the game by scheduling your appointment today. Call 770-948-4511 to get started.


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