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Is a 33″ Hyperbaric Chamber the Best Size?

33" Hyperbaric Chamber

There are many sizes of hyperbaric chambers, so naturally, many of our readers will ask: Is a 33″ Hyperbaric Chamber the Best Size?

A hyperbaric chamber is used in hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which involves breathing pure oxygen that has an ambiance pressure higher than atmospheric pressure, usually in a room or tube. It’s used in the treatment of decompression sickness, serious infections, and bubbles of air in your blood vessels, and wounds that won’t heal as a result of diabetes or radiation injury.

In a hyperbaric chamber, the air pressure is increased to three times higher than normal air pressure, so your lungs are getting pure oxygen that is carried throughout the body. This helps fight bacteria and stimulate growth factors and stem cells, which promote healing.

Hyperbaric chambers are suitable for clinical settings, wellness centers, and in-home use.

Types of hyperbaric chambers

There are two types of HBOT: soft-side and hard-size chambers.

Soft-side hyperbaric chambers are also known as mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Soft-side hyperbaric ports typically reach a level of atmospheric pressure slightly higher than what is found at sea level. For instance, if the sea level is 1.0 ATA, inside the chamber, it will be around 1.3 -1.5ATA.

In a hard-side hyperbaric chamber, pressure can increase up to 6.0 ATA. This dramatic increase above the ATA found in everyday air pressure is what drives the concentrated, breathable oxygen molecules in a hyperbaric chamber to rapidly dissolve into the user’s bloodstream.

Hyperbaric chambers come in two designs, horizontal and vertical. For a user who is claustrophobic and doesn’t want to lie down in an enclosed space, the upright chamber is a better option. Users can place a chair in the chamber and can bring a book to occupy them as they get their treatment.

Hyperbaric chamber sizes

Choosing hyperbaric chamber size involves knowing if you want more space to move around in (diameter size) and the length of the chamber. If two people are going to use the chamber, a 10-foot chamber is preferred.

These chambers come in different sizes to cater to different tastes and uses.

•       A 23-inch hyperbaric chamber gives enough room to lie down in, but you can’t turn around or sit up. They come with one window and are more affordable. It can get a bit cramped and hot in the chamber and can feel very claustrophobic for most people.

•       The 28- inch hyperbaric chambers are suitable for one-person use. These have enough room to move around in and not feel claustrophobic. These have about 70 square foot space and come with three windows so you won’t feel caged in the room.

•       33-inch chambers are the best fit for two people going in at the same time. They are spacious and give the user ample space to stretch around in the tube. These hyperbaric chambers usually have the most windows.

•       46-inch ports are big enough for three people. Two adults and a child can stay comfortably in this size, which is the biggest size on the market. They are 4 foot high and at 10 foot long it giving the users all the room they need

Is a 33″ hyperbaric chamber the best size?

For a user who wants more space or a chamber that can accommodate two people at a time, the 33-inch chamber from Atlanta Hyperbaric Center is the best choice.



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