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The Atlanta Hyperbaric Center & National Association of Hyperbaric Therapy training course web sites include a range of Internet resources accessible from these web pages. The information provided here is designed for educational use only and is not a substitute for specific training, treatment recommendations or health care.  Atlanta Hyperbaric Center and the authors assume no liability for any individual’s use of or reliance upon any material contained or referenced herein. The material contained in these web pages may not be the most current. This material may be freely distributed for nonprofit educational use. However, if included in publications, written or electronic, attributions must be made to the author. Commercial use of this material is prohibited without express written permission from the author. Copyright 2014, all rights reserved, Atlanta Hyperbaric Center.

Atlanta Hyperbaric Center adheres to state and federal laws.  According to the FDA when purchasing a hyperbaric chamber, it is required for you to show proof of Prescription from your medical doctor.  

Chamber Bundles are recommendations only.  Atlanta Hyperbaric Center makes no claim that use of the oxygen concentrator for mild hyperbaric therapy will prevent, cure, or treat any disease.  

Wifi or bluetoooth speakers should be used only outside of the hyperbaric chamber.  

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